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By Paul Sponaugle Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Entities are formed every day with intentions of becoming S-Corps, but often the applications never get completed. If you’re thinking about starting a new S-Corp or forgot to apply for the status for your existing entity, why not let the professionals at Harvard Business Services, Inc. help your company become an S-Corp?

General qualifications for S-Corp status include:

  • The entity must be a domestic corporation.  (Other entities, including LLCs, may become eligible by filing form 8832.)
  • The entity has no more than 100 shareholders
  • The entity’s only shareholders are U.S. individuals or estates
  • The entity has no nonresident alien shareholders
  • The entity offers only one class of stock
  • Each shareholder consents to the election

If your entity meets, or will meet, these qualifications, Harvard Business Services, Inc. can help your corporation complete the election so it can receive the benefits of pass-through tax treatment. Our service includes completion of IRS Form 2553: Election by a Small Business Corporation; a pre-addressed envelope with IRS regional office address; and instructions for filing. All you and the other shareholders need to do is sign the form and mail it, with absolutely no guess work or worry. Harvard Business Services, Inc. makes the process simple and straightforward for you. If you’re forming a brand new Delaware corporation, simply go to and you can add the Federal Tax ID and the S-Corp Election services online while completing your order. If your company has already been formed and would like to become the S-Corp election, call 800-345-2677 and have Harvard Business Services, Inc. prepare your paper work today.

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