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Below are several short, informative videos to help answer any questions you may have about how to set up a Delaware corporation, how to form a Delaware LLC, how to change your Delaware Registered Agent, the Delaware Franchise Tax and more.

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In-depth explorations of various aspects of starting a company in Delaware.

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The Best Way to Form a Delaware LLC or Corporation

See why we are the leading specialist in forming Delaware corporations and LLCs. Meet our staff, which is dedicated to providing experienced, expert services to our clients.

Why Incorporate in Delaware?

Rick Bell explains why Delaware's Court of Chancery is so unique and why anyone can form a Delaware LLC or corporation, regardless of where their businesses are located.

Formed a Delaware Company? Here's What's Next

Our founder and CEO, Rick Bell, explains the process of filing your corporation or LLC, and why we are the most efficient, reliable business formation service in the industry.

Change Your Delaware Registered Agent

Is your current Delaware Registered Agent overcharging you? You can change your Registered Agent at any time, so why not switch to Harvard Business Services, Inc.? We have offered the lowest Delaware Registered Agent Fee in the industry since 1981; just $50 per year.

101 on Delaware Franchise Tax

Are you unsure why you pay a Franchise Tax in Delaware, or when the Franchise Tax is due for a corporation or LLC? Harvard Business Services, Inc. is here to answer all your questions.

Let Us Incorporate Your Company

Experience, efficiency, reliability, affordability: We are the best business formation specialist in the industry.

Delaware Man Has Formed More Than 150,000 Companies

Harvard's founder and CEO, Rick Bell, discusses how Harvard has helped form more than 150,000 Delaware companies, and why the state of Delaware remains the most corporate-friendly state in America.

What Is a Registered Agent? (And Why You Need One)

Learn more about what we do as your Registered Agent; why it's required by Delaware state law to have a Registered Agent; what can happen to your company if you don't retain a Registered Agent; how to find the best Registered Agent for your company; and how our annual Registered Agent Fee compares to others.

Harvard Business Services, Inc. Reviews

Listen as our loyal clients describe the stellar service, experienced sales team and consistent reliability of Harvard Business Services, Inc.

How to Form a Company

Lowest Registered Agent Fee. Friendly and helpful sales team. Over three decades of experience. Harvard Business Services, Inc. is simply the finest Delaware business formation company.

Since 1981, Harvard Business Services, Inc. has helped form 406,560 Delaware corporations and LLCs for people all over the world.

Registered Agent Service

Harvard Business Services, Inc. guarantees your annual Delaware Registered Agent Fee will remain fixed at $50 per company, per year, for the life of your company.