Short Form vs Long Form Good Standing Certificate

Short form vs Long Form In our previous blog posts, we have discussed the significance of a Delaware Certificate of Good Standing and why clients may require this document after forming their Delaware company. While it is a common request, some clients may not be aware that there are two types of Good Standing Certificates available from the Delaware Division of Corporations.

The most commonly requested Good Standing Certificate is the Short Form Delaware Certificate of Good Standing. This certificate confirms that your company is current and compliant with annual fees in Delaware and provides the date of the company's formation in Delaware. However, there are cases where clients require additional information beyond the basic confirmation of the company's active and compliant status in Delaware. In such instances, clients may request a Long Form Good Standing Certificate.

For instance, if a client has changed their company name in Delaware and is also foreign qualified in another state, they may be required to provide a Long Form Good Standing Certificate from Delaware to update the company name with the other state. This certificate confirms that a Name Amendment was filed in Delaware, allowing them to update the company name in the other state. The Long Form Good Standing Certificate provides the Delaware filing history, including the date of the Delaware formation document filing and any other Amendments filed by the company in Delaware. It also includes specific timestamps for each filing. In contrast, a Short Form Delaware Certificate of Good Standing does not include the filing history.

Clients often find themselves pondering who would request a Good Standing Certificate and whether they should obtain a Short Form or Long Form version. Typically, clients verify the specific document required directly with the requesting party, whether it's a bank or a potential project partner. To assist you, below is a helpful chart outlining the contents of both the Short Form and Long Form Certificates of Good Standing.

  Short Form Good Standing Certificate Long Form Good Standing Certificate
Feature What it shows Included Included
Date of Birth of the Company in Delaware The date the company was incorporated in Delaware Yes Yes
Domestic State of Incorporation The state where the company is officially incorporated Yes Yes
Company Compliance in Delaware States that the company is compliant with Delaware franchise tax requirements and exists Yes Yes
Dated and Approved by Delaware Secretary of State Includes the date and approval by the Delaware Secretary of State Yes Yes
Authentication Number Has a unique identification number for authentication purposes Yes Yes
Filing History with Delaware Division of Corporations Lists the exact dates and times of all company filings with the Delaware Division of Corporations No Yes

For international clients or those working in different countries, both versions of the Certificate of Good Standing can be obtained using either the Apostille or Gold Seal, depending on the intended use of the document and the country where the document will be used.

To order a Delaware Certificate of Good Standing, you can reach a live representative at 1-302-645-7400 or 1-800-345-2677 ext. 6911. Alternatively, you can send your request to We are also available on Skype at delawareinc and on WhatsApp at 302-260-2271. You can also conveniently order the Short Form Delaware Good Standing Certificate through our website, here.

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