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Are you ready to create your Delaware LLC, corporation or limited partnership? Start here by entering your desired company name. We'll check your submission against the state of Delaware business name database.

Harvard Business Services, Inc. has formed over 175,000 companies since 1981. We have a direct, online connection to the Delaware Division of Corporations, which allows us to quickly and seamlessly search for the availability of your company name.

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Disclaimer: The same name cannot be used for two entities in the State of Delaware. This Free Name Check feature shows whether a name is already in use in Delaware, and therefore is not available for use by a newly-formed entity. This feature does not show whether an existing entity is in good standing, its franchise tax payment history, or any other information. Certain limited information about an existing Delaware-formed entity can be found here, at the State Of Delaware Entity Search.

Delaware Company Name Search - Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Delaware Company Name Search work?

When you enter your desired company name, Harvard Business Services will check the name against the state of Delaware database and contact you with a fast response indicating whether the name is available. If so, we invite you to form your Delaware company. If the name is unavailable, you can simply try another name.

Does a Delaware Company Name Search reserve the name for me?

No, performing the Delaware Company name search will only check the name’s availability. It will not reserve an available name. The simplest way to reserve the name so that no one else can claim it is to just form a Delaware LLC or form a Delaware Corporation using that name.

If Harvard Business Services says a name is unavailable, should I try a Delaware Company Search on another site?

All companies that offer a company name search will verify a name’s availability against the state of Delaware database. Therefore, you only have to check with us. We perform the name check for free and can help guide you through the next steps of forming your Delaware LLC or Corporation.

Does my company name have to include a suffix like LLC or Inc?

When you form an LLC, those letters (also written as L.L.C. or Limited Liability Company) must be included in the business name. Likewise, a corporation must include the appropriate suffix to indicate its business type. When you perform your Delaware company search, you only need to include the company name you want (without suffix).