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Confirming Your Company EIN By
Obtaining your company EIN is an essential step towards starting your new business. Here are a few necessary documents needed to complete the process... Read More
Finding a Tax Professional for Your Business By
It’s important to note that a tax professional your company decides to work with does not have to be located inside Delaware. Whether your company decides to consult with an accountant or tax expert is entirely an internal decision... Read More
How to Survive a Recession By
News outlets and economists are sounding the alarm on the increasing probability of a recession in the US. While very different from Great Recession of 2008, the ground rules for surviving any recession are similar. We are republishing a blog that may provide helpful advice on how to weather the financial storm on the horizon... Read More
Adding and Removing Directors on a Board By
In short, and as discussed here, Delaware’s General Corporation Law provides that shareholders are ultimately responsible for appointment and removal of Directors, with the mechanics and processes relating to the vote, removal, and replacement ordinarily set forth in the corporation’s bylaws... Read More
The Wall Street Era is Over Book Review By Devin Scott By
The wall street era is over.
‘Wall Street Era is Over - guide coming from the team behind DeFiYield, a leading resource for DeFi investors, discusses decentralized finance, and explains how anyone can take advantage of it; what to look out for; and also, some expert tips that may raise your chances of success... Read More
What Is a Non-Stock Corporation? By
what is a non-stock corporation?
The common use of the non-stock corporation as the vehicle with which to obtain tax-exempt or non-profit status from the IRS has led to an interchangeability of the two terms, but this can be problematic... Read More
Doing Business With the Government and UEI’s. By
As of April 4, 2022, the federal government has eliminated the use of the DUNS number, and is now using the Unique Entity Identifier (UEI). To apply for government contracts or grants, obtain a Unique Entity Identifier (UEI), as the DUNS Number is no longer valid for federal award identification... Read More
Company Name Not Available... Now What? By
Perhaps you’re forming a new Delaware Corporation under the name, Jones Financial Services Inc. and the name is not available in Delaware. A slight alteration to the entity name such as Jones Financial Group Inc. or Jones Financial Solutions Inc. may be successful... Read More
When Is a “Doing Business As” Name Required? By
When a company executes contracts or otherwise acts in a legal capacity under a different name, a DBA is appropriate. Alternatively, abbreviating Brett’s Diner LLC as “Brett’s” on flyers and in marketing materials should not typically raise an issue... Read More
Do I Need a Business License for My Company? By
Do I need a business license
No matter what type of business you own—whether it’s in a physical storefront or based online—and regardless if it’s a small or large company, you are going to need to obtain and maintain a business license (possibly more than one)... Read More