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LLC Transfer of Interests By
transfer interests in an llc
In Delaware, the LLC Operating Agreement spells out all conditions of future sales or transfers. Traditionally, the LLC Operating agreement is amended internally within the LLC only... Read More
Commonly Terms Mentioned When Forming Delaware LLCs By Learn about some of the most commonly used LLC terms and definitions that are mentioned when forming a new company. Form an LLC with our team today... Read More
Can I Convert a Corporation to an LLC? By
convert corporation to llc
A Delaware LLC structure is more flexible than a corporation, as an LLC Operating Agreement may contain provisions and terms that would not be permissible in the context of a Delaware corporation... Read More
Directors Cannot Vote By Proxy at Board Meetings By
Board of Directors
Can directors vote by proxy at board meetings? Learn about the rules of board meeting votes and what happens when a board member cannot be present... Read More
Do You Have a Digital Corporate Seal? By
digital corporate seal
We offer a free digital corporate seal to all of our clients. Do you have yours yet? | Harvard Business Services, Inc... Read More
Early-State Companies and Risks of a Founder’s Divorce: Love is a Battlefield By
Founders divorce
Divorce is brutal, even at its most amicable. Company founders need to consider the risks that a business owner’s divorce presents to the company. In this new blog, we present common-sense considerations to take into account and outline the steps to mitigate the risk to the business as much as possible... Read More
Things to Consider When Using a Symbol or Punctuation in a Legal Business Name By
Things to consider when naming your company
Because of system limitations, the IRS will not recognize some symbols and punctuation in your business entity name, including some that are allowed by the Delaware Division of Corporations. Find out which symbols and punctuation are permissible according to the IRS and the State of Delaware and understand your options when considering a company name that includes a special character, symbol or punctuation not recognized by the IRS... Read More
New Order Form for Secondary Jurisdiction Registered Agent Services By
With MyControlDesks' new feature, our clients no longer have to talk to someone on the phone to request Registered Agents services in states other than Delaware. Those services are now available to everyone through their online account with us and are as simple as filling up an online order form. Read our blog to learn more... Read More
Change of Ownership For an LLC Is Easy in Delaware By
change of ownership for an llc
Change of ownership for an LLC can be complicated and requires costly amendments in most U.S. states. However, not in the state of Delaware. Unlike other states, Delaware requires very little information to be made public in order to form an LLC... Read More
Unusual Questions from Our Clients By
Unusual Questions
We communicate with our clients around the world frequently and our team is accustomed to fielding questions on all aspects of starting and maintaining a Delaware company. Still, there are the occasional questions that catch us off guard... Read More