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General Partnership vs Limited Partnership By
general partnership vs limited partnership
When partnering with a company or an individual, it is often important to know exactly what your roles, duties, and liabilities may be. There are two common types of partnerships that often get confused: general partnership and limited partnership... Read More
Free Webinar: Franchise Tax for Delaware Corporations By We will be hosting a free webinar for last-minute questions on your corporation Franchise Tax. Join us February 26th at 3:00pm EST to gain a full understanding of the tax before you send your payment... Read More
How to Get an ITIN Number By
how to get an itin number
The term “ITIN” stands for Individual Tax Identification Number. Any person who needs a tax identification number but is not eligible to obtain a Social Security Number can apply for an ITIN. An ITIN is easy to identify, as it always begins with the number “9.”.. Read More
Using a Delaware LLC for Real Estate Investment By
If you’re investing in real estate, or planning to start, it’s important to understand your options. This post reviews how to determine which state to choose as your home, and why LLCs are the most popular entity among real estate investors... Read More
The Washington Post Features Harvard Business Services By
Read the story published by Washington Post Magazine, the SFGate and the LA Times featuring our founder, Rick Bell, and many of our employees... Read More
Benefit of Live Chat Feature for your Company Website By
Whether clients need assistance with brief questions or guidance through the entire formation process for a company, our live chat feature enables us to assist multiple people at once in real time... Read More
Do I Need a Business License for My Company? By
Do I need a business license
No matter what type of business you own—whether it’s in a physical storefront or based online—and regardless if it’s a small or large company, you are going to need to obtain and maintain a business license (possibly more than one)... Read More
Is an SSN or ITIN Required For Obtaining an EIN? By Contrary to what many assume, you can still obtain an EIN for your company even if you do not have a U.S. Social Security Number or ITIN as long as the SS4 form is completed correctly and sent to the IRS... Read More
Operating in Kentucky with Delaware LLC or Corporation By
Kentucky, like other states, has an application process and a state fee in order to qualify to do business there as a foreign entity. The form that is filed with Kentucky is called a Certificate of Authority and grants your Delaware business the authority to operate in the state... Read More
Interesting Facts About Delaware By
There’s much more to the state of Delaware than tax-free shopping; here are some interesting Delaware facts... Read More