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Why Zero Par Value Stock Affects Franchise Tax By
Why Zero Par Value Stock Affects Franchise Tax
When you form a corporation, the number of authorized shares and the par value will play a role in what your company will pay for the annual Delaware Franchise Tax. Most start-up companies are typically formed with a small number of authorized shares and a low (or zero) par value... Read More
Your Business Location is Very Important and Here’s Why By
Business Location
There's several big questions when starting a business requiring meeting clients in person and, arguably, few are more important than "Where?". Read our new blog to see our list of things to consider before choosing your business location... Read More
Email Deliverability: A Critical Function of Business (Part 2) By Implement SPF, DKIM, and DMARC to ensure that emails are delivered properly. Follow our step-by-step guide to set up email authentication technology today... Read More
My Delaware Corporation Was Voided. Now What? By
what happens if your delaware corporation is voided
Delaware companies risk being voided if annual franchise taxes go. A voided entity cannot obtain critical documents like Certificates of Good Standing. Though business activities remain valid, the name becomes available for new use. Don't panic - reinstatement is possible through renewal filings and paying back taxes/fees. Learn the straightforward process for restoring your voided Delaware company to good standing... Read More
Email Deliverability: A Critical Function of Business (Part 1) By
email deliverability
Ensuring important emails avoid the spam trap requires proper email security measures. Setting up SPF, DKIM, and DMARC DNS records define who is authorized to send emails from your domain, authenticating senders and validating email integrity. We dive into properly configuring these critical DNS options to enhance your email deliverability performance... Read More
Obtaining a Long Form Delaware Certificate of Good Standing By
Long Form GS
Learn about the Long Form Certificate of Good Standing & how it differs from the regular one. Get your Delaware Certificate of Good Standing with HBS today... Read More
What is Subchapter S Tax Status? By
Subchapter S
Seeking tax efficiency for your Delaware business? Discover the powerful benefits of electing Subchapter S status with the IRS. This unique tax classification avoids double taxation while providing pass-through taxation and liability protection. We break down the requirements, restrictions, and step-by-step process for new and existing corporations to obtain S Corp status... Read More
Benefits of a Virtual Office Service By
mail forwarding services
Depending on the type of business you own, there are many potential advantages to retaining virtual office services... Read More
Changing Your Delaware Registered Agent By
Delaware Registered Agent
Having a Registered Agent is essential for most businesses, but you can switch whenever you want. Find out how to change your Delaware Registered Agent... Read More
How to Register to Do Business in California By
how to register a business in california
How exactly do you determine whether or not your company is technically “doing business” in California? This may seem like an easy question, but it is a difficult one for business owners who may be on the hook for more taxes. In this article, learn basic questions to determine whether or not you are ‘doing business’ in California... Read More