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Book Review - “Guerrilla Marketing” by Jay Conrad Levinson By
Book Review - “Guerrilla Marketing” by Jay Conrad Levinson
“Guerilla Marketing” by Jay Conrad Levinson discusses marketing strategies to help small businesses thrive. Read Devin Scott’s book review today... Read More
How to Fix Business Mistakes in a Delaware Corporation By
how to fix business mistakes in a delaware corporation
Drafting corporate resolutions, recording meeting minutes and tracking stock available for issuance is sometimes seen as a distraction from the company’s primary focus of pursuing its business plan and achieving its goals... Read More
Banking Solutions for your Delaware Company By
Banking Solutions for you Delaware Company
If you formed a Delaware company, you can open a company bank account entirely online or in-person. Harvard Business Services can provide you with approved Delaware formation documents and an EIN number, so you are ready, whether you choose a traditional brick and mortar bank or an online financial services company... Read More
What Does Every Startup Need? By
What Does Every Startup Need
Every entrepreneur dreams of creating that perfect startup, one with fantastic publicity, additional rounds of abundant funding, huge sales and continued success. However, there are decisions that have to be made and paperwork that should be completed and submitted to the state of incorporation before a startup begins doing business. We talk about it in our blog... Read More
Keep Your Communications Contact Details Current By
contact details for a delaware company
There are very few requirements to maintain a company’s good standing with the state of Delaware. Don’t forget to update us if any of your company’s contact information changes... Read More
Is Venture Capital Right for Your Business? By
Venture capitalists invest money into young businesses in exchange for an ownership stake and usually invest on behalf of a pool of investors... Read More
Delaware Chancery Reiterates High Burden To Justify Veil Piercing By
corpoarte veil
The Delaware Court of Chancery issued an opinion about Delaware LLC veil piercing. Jarrod Melson reviews a few notes about piercing the corporate veil... Read More
Delaware Corporate Law Structure & the Corporate Veil By
delaware court of chancery
The corporate veil is essentially the concept that maintains corporate law throughout the world. Without the ability to act as its own entity, how else could companies transact business?.. Read More
Bylaws - More Important Than You Might Think By
Bylaws are rules set by a company to govern itself. Brett Melson discusses more about corporate bylaws, their function, and how they should be implemented... Read More
Disadvantages & Hidden Costs of a Sole Proprietorship By
disadvantages to a sole proprietorship
Typically, a sole proprietorship makes you personally liable for all of your business debts and gets taxed at the personal (not corporate) tax rate. That's not all... Read More