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Harvard Business Services, Inc. Celebrates its 40th Anniversary By
On March 2, 1981, Harvard Business Services opened in the basement of Rick Bell’s home, and today, we are celebrating our 40th Anniversary. Harvard has grown from a one-man show to a top-rated team with over 40 employees. Family-owned and operated, 250,000 company formations strong, and responsible for 10% of the State of Delaware’s business, Harvard Business Services, Inc. looks forward to continuing to provide our clients with the best Delaware Formation and Registered Agent Service in the industry... Read More
How to Take Corporate Minutes By
Delaware corporations should hold an annual meeting and take minutes. Not sure how to take corporate minutes? Here’s what you need to know... Read More
Four Unusual Questions from Our Clients By
We communicate with our clients around the world frequently and our team is accustomed to fielding questions on all aspects of starting and maintaining a Delaware company. Still, there are the occasional questions that catch us off guard... Read More
Free Live Webinar on the Corporate Transparency Act By
On March 3, 2021 at 2:00 PM EST, Harvard Business Services, Inc. presents a free, live webinar on the Corporate Transparency Act. This Act was recently passed and will require newly-formed and/or relatively small U.S. corporations and LLCs, or non-U.S. entities that have registered to do business in a U.S. State, to disclose information to the Treasury Department on an initial and ongoing basis regarding the beneficial owners, subject to certain exemptions... Read More
How to Close a Company By
how to close a Delaware company
Do you want to close or cancel your Delaware LLC or corporation? Here's how... Read More
What Happens if My New Company Doesn’t Conduct Any Business? By
It’s not uncommon for clients to form a new Delaware company, but not begin conducting business activities right away. When and after forming a new Delaware entity, they’re sometimes many things that need to be accomplished prior to conducting business... Read More
Requirements for a Company Seal By
Company Seal Requirements
Many companies use a company seal (also referred to as a corporate seal), although it is not required by law. A company seal contains the company’s name, the year of incorporation and the state in which the company was filed. Think of the company seal as the official signature of your company... Read More
Board Requirements for Seeking Expert Advice By
Directors often rely on experts in making decisions, to comply with their fiduciary duty of care in becoming adequately informed. This article discusses when a director may successfully claim reliance on experts in avoiding liability for a breach of his or her fiduciary duty of care... Read More
Change of Ownership For an LLC Is Easy in Delaware By
change of ownership for an llc
Change of ownership for an LLC can be complicated and requires costly amendments in most U.S. states. However, not in the state of Delaware. Unlike other states, Delaware requires very little information to be made public in order to form an LLC... Read More
Who Qualifies for the New (2021) PPP Loans? By
Any small business with 500 or fewer employees may be eligible. This includes small businesses, S corporations, C corporations, LLCs, private nonprofits, faith-based organizations, tribal groups and veteran groups... Read More