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Federal and State Governments Focus on Auto-Renewal of Subscriptions and Product By
The FTC is mandating new rules for “auto-renewals” that are predatory to consumers. Learn more about new regulations surrounding subscription cancelation... Read More
Adding and Removing Directors on a Board By
In short, and as discussed here, Delaware’s General Corporation Law provides that shareholders are ultimately responsible for appointment and removal of Directors, with the mechanics and processes relating to the vote, removal, and replacement ordinarily set forth in the corporation’s bylaws... Read More
LLC Charging Orders – An LLC’s Limited Liability from Its Members By
LLC Charging order
While LLC members are protected from personal liability, creditors can still get a charging order for compensation. Learn more about LLC charging orders today... Read More
Why Convert Your Tax Status from S-Corp to C-Corp By
why convert your status from s corp to c corp
The most common change in taxation status is from a C corporation (usually a General Corporation) to an S corporation in order to allow for pass-through taxation of income or loss. This is typically done to avoid double taxation of corporate income... Read More
Certification for Veteran Small Business Owners By
Veteran Owned
Learn about the benefits of becoming certified as a veteran small business owner. Sign up online with the Small Business Administration as a VOSB today... Read More
Disadvantages & Hidden Costs of a Sole Proprietorship By
disadvantages to a sole proprietorship
Typically, a sole proprietorship makes you personally liable for all of your business debts and gets taxed at the personal (not corporate) tax rate. That's not all... Read More
Directors Cannot Vote By Proxy at Board Meetings By
Board of Directors
Can directors vote by proxy at board meetings? Learn about the rules of board meeting votes and what happens when a board member cannot be present... Read More
Sample Stock Transfer Ledger By
Stock Ledger
The Stock Transfer Ledger is a very important item to update and maintain internally within your Corporation as it will document shares issued or transferred to your company’s shareholders. Free PDF download included... Read More
Does an LLC Have Stock or Shareholders? By
Does an LLC Have Stock or Shareholders
Can LLCs have shareholders or issue stocks? Learn more about the simple LLC ownership structure, ownership changes & how they differ from corporations... Read More
What Is an LLC Operating Agreement? By
what is an llc operating agreement
The Delaware legislature created the limited liability company (LLC) in such a way as to allow the LLC's members the freedom to contract with one another upon whatever terms they deem are best suited to their company... Read More