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Common Terms Mentioned when Forming Delaware LPs By
Read about some LP terms that are frequently used while forming a limited partnership. Contact Harvard Business Services, Inc. to create your own LP today... Read More
Where Is My Business Located? By
where is my business located?
We explain what to tell the IRS if your company does not have an actual physical location or address | Where Is My Business Located?.. Read More
Changes Within the Limited Partnership By
limited partnership
During the formation process for a Limited Partnership in Delaware, a Certificate of Limited Partnership is filed with the Delaware Secretary of State for approval. An Amendment to the Certificate of Limited Partnership must be filed in Delaware if, at any point, there are changes to the General Partner details... Read More
Validate Your Delaware Documents By
When you receive an official document from the Delaware Secretary of State, it will be printed in black ink on white paper. Even though some parties may request raised seals or color documents, these are not available and not required for Delaware document validation... Read More
Pros and Cons to Running an LLC from Home By
Most people love the idea of working from home - but is it a good choice to run your LLC from home? Here are the pros and cons to running an LLC from home... Read More
What Is a Conformed Signature? By
what is a conformed signature
A conformed signature indicates that a real signature has been used on the original document. Oftentimes, business transactions are done by smartphone while on the go. Many people know already that Delaware will accept faxed and emailed copies of documents that require signatures... Read More
Top 10 FAQ's About Forming a Delaware Company By
Top common questions about forming a Delaware company
Operating in the incorporation capital of the world for more than 40 years, the experienced staff members at Harvard Business Services have fielded a lot of client questions. Here is a list of the top ten most popular questions that we hear at Harvard Business Services, Inc. (HBS) when assisting clients with Delaware formations... Read More
What to Know about California’s LLC Forms By
californias llc forms
States require different forms when you register a foreign company for Foreign Qualification. California has three different forms for LLCs... Read More
Improving Your Tech Can Lead to More Success By
Tech Solutions for More Success
Updating your company’s tech can you help manage data, streamline internal processes, and improve the customer experience. Learn our strategy at HBS... Read More
EIN Responsible Party for a Business Entity By
responsble party for an ein
When you apply for an EIN, also known as a Federal Tax ID Number, you will have to provide the IRS with what is known as a Responsible Party - an individual who manages, directs and/or controls the entity behind the EIN. Read our blog to learn more... Read More