The Harvard Business Services Team


Richard (Rick) H. Bell, II, Founder & Chairman


Rick formed Harvard Business Services, Inc. on March 2, 1981 and has led the company from a boot-strapped start-up to a recognized leader in the business of forming and maintaining Delaware companies. Rick studied at TASIS (The American School in Switzerland), Ohio Wesleyan University and Loyola University Chicago (John Felice Rome Center), but never earned a college degree.

In 1969, he dropped out of college and went to work for Rolling Stone magazine, which was in its infancy, and became their first National Circulation Director. Later, Rick formed several publishing companies and eventually became a consultant to publishers. He moved from California to Wilmington, Delaware in 1980 to become Business Manager of The Company Corporation, a do-it-yourself incorporation service. Rick has served the state of Delaware as a member of the Governor's High Tech Task force, the Governor's International Marketing Committee and also as an elected official; he was Recorder of Deeds from 1998 - 2002.

Rick served as a Trustee of Franklin College and a member of the Board of Directors of TASIS in Lugano, Switzerland.

Michael (Mike) J. Bell, President
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Harvard Business Services, Inc.

Mike has been working for Harvard Business Services, Inc. in a variety of roles since he was a young child. He is the son of Harvard's Founder & Chairman, Rick Bell.

Mike was born and raised in Delaware but traveled extensively while attending high school in Switzerland. He then went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Lynn University. He returned to Delaware to join Harvard Business Services, Inc. full-time in the summer of 2009. Mike has worked in several departments in order to learn the processes and details of the company. In addition, Mike produced and directed many videos for Harvard Business Services, Inc. These videos, featuring our employees, are a valuable tool for our marketing efforts. They can be viewed on both our website and YouTube.

Mike has managed the SEO and PPC efforts of Harvard as well as many other initiatives. He possesses both the commitment and the passion to continue the family tradition well into the future. He was named President on January 1, 2019.

Sales DepartmentBrett Melson, Vice President of Sales
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Brett is a graduate of Cape Henlopen High School in Lewes, Delaware. Brett's career at Harvard Business Services, Inc. began where many of our success stories through the years originated: the mail room. Brett excelled at managing and organizing what was a mail-intensive business at the time. More importantly, however, Brett connected with clients and became the person most recommended by clients to their friends.

Once Brett had the opportunity to start interacting with clients, it was clear he possessed a natural feel for the issues and concerns clients face. Brett assisted both new customers and seasoned clients with the formation process in an effortless and informative manner. In the 15+ years he has been with Harvard Business Services, Inc., Brett's knowledge of Delaware business entities has become encyclopedic. In addition to managing and training the company's sales and customer service teams, his blogs on the nuances of forming and maintaining Delaware companies have become a dependable source of important information for entrepreneurs, accountants and attorneys.

Devin Scott, Sales Executive
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Harvard Business Services, Inc.

Devin was born in Lewes, Delaware and attended Cape Henlopen High School. He graduated with several scholarships, and then attended Delaware State University, majoring in Business Administration. He graduated cum laude in 2001. In 1999, Devin started a cell phone business while in college and has been invovled with businesses ever since. He has promoted all types of products, from telecommunications and gift baskets to nutritional products. In fact, Devin's first introduction to Harvard Business Services, Inc. occurred while forming his own corporation for real estate purposes in 2007. He has a natural rapport with people interested in forming their own company.

Devin's grandfather, George H.P. Smith, was mayor of Lewes for five terms and, before that, a member of the Lewes City Council for 18 years. Mr. Smith is often credited as one of the people whose lifelong contributions to city government made Lewes the wonderful place that it is.

Andrew Millman, Sales Executive
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Harvard Business Services, Inc.

Andrew was born and raised in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and attended Cape Henlopen High School. He then went on to graduate With Honors from York Technical Institute in 2001, with a degree in Specialized Business/Computer Science. Andrew possesses a broad spectrum of experience, ranging from sales to business management to business ownership.

He has extensive experience in both sales and customer service. Since he has owned and operated his own Delaware LLC, Andrew is well aware that the most important person in every business is the customer. He prides himself on going above and beyond for each client. Andrew started at Harvard in the spring of 2012. He is an excellent addition to the Sales/Customer Service team because he takes great pride in helping new clients form their company through Harvard Business Services, Inc.

Jeremy Reed, Sales Executive
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Harvard Business Services, Inc.

Jeremy graduated from Cape Henlopen High School in Lewes, Delaware, and then served a four-year enlistment in the U.S. Navy. Upon completing his enlistment, he started working at a local financial institution while attending college. Jeremy earned an Associates of Arts degree in business administration from Delaware Technical Community College and then earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Wilmington University.

While working in the banking industry, Jeremy confronted many problems small business owners experience, and learned the complex issues business start-up owners face. He brings with him to Harvard Business Services, Inc. more than 10 years of small business experience as well as a strong customer service foundation to assist with all of Harvard's clients' needs.

Justin Damiani, Sales Executive
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Harvard Business Services, Inc.

Justin was born and raised in Woodbridge, New Jersey. In 2008, he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from St. Peter's University and began work as a sports journalist for the Jersey Journal in Jersey City, N.J. Justin later became an Account Executive for Marketing Dynamics in Hackensack, N.J., before moving to Delaware in January 2012. He then began work in the Sales Department of the Atlantic Sands Hotels & Conference Center in Rehoboth Beach, where he was promoted to Sales Manager in just a few months. He was in charge of securing both overnight room and banquet/event revenue for the facility and was a part of the Sands team for five years. In April of 2017, Justin joined Harvard Business Services, Inc. as a Sales Executive and happily assists clients with new business formations. Justin currently lives in Milford, Delaware with his wife of five years.

Kathleen Heffernan, Sales Executive
Tel: +1-302-645-7400 Ext. 6140

Kathleen graduated from Cape Henlopen High School in Lewes, Delaware. After high school she went on to the University of Delaware and graduated with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Cognitive Science in 2016. She worked in various restaurants and went on to become a manager for a popular local restaurant group for several years. In 2018, she relocated to Wilmington, Delaware where she began working in corporate compliance specializing in research and business licensing.  In October of 2020, Kathleen moved back to Lewes, Delaware and joined the Harvard team as a Sales Executive to continue to expand her knowledge and help assist clients with forming their new companies. 
Business Filings

Heather Manerchia, Vice President of Business Filings
Tel: +1-302-645-7400 Ext. 6124
Direct Fax: +1-302-269-4705

Heather graduated from Chichester High School in Boothwyn, PA in 2003. She started working at Harvard Business Services, Inc. as a filing clerk in March 2004. She quickly proved she could handle more responsibility and was promoted to process the document filings and retrievals. Her attention to detail led to her next role, International Filings Specialist; as such, she catered to the specific needs of clients worldwide. In 2009, after continuous dedication and hard work, Heather was promoted to Director of Business Filings. She currently oversees the daily operations of all aspects of Delaware filings, encompassing many hundreds of monthly transactions.

Heather plays a key role in the reputation Harvard Business Services, Inc. enjoys for industry-leading speed in the same-day filing of companies. She attends regular user meetings at the Delaware Division of Corporations and is in charge of internal training on the state system.

Kim Robbins, Corporate Filings Specialist
Tel: +1-302-645-7400 Ext. 6121

Harvard Business Services, Inc.

Kim is a Harvard Business Services, Inc. Filing Specialist, with six years of experience in the requirements and processes in all types of Delaware business Filings. Kim earned her Associate's degree in Office Administration from Goldey-Beacom in Wilmington, Delaware. Prior to joining Harvard Business Services, Inc. in 2006, she worked for 20 years in the banking industry. Kim is active with her Native American heritage and currently holds the title of Secretary with the Nanticoke Indian Association. She is responsible for membership as well as educating the public about Native American history through performances with the local dance troupe.

Cortney Reihm Sharp, Corporate Filings Specialist
Tel: +1-302-645-7400 Ext. 6122

Harvard Business Services, Inc.

After graduating from Cape Henlopen High School, Cortney attended Wesley College in Dover. She graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management, and secured a position with a large banking firm as a Fraud Analyst. Although she gained a great deal of experience in this position, she ultimately realized working for a large corporation was not for her. In September 2004, Cortney began her career at Harvard Business Services, Inc. as a Mail Center assistant. She assisted in the processing of many of Harvard's monthly client mailings as well as the daily sorting of both incoming and outgoing mail. Her friendly demeanor and positive attitude led to her transition to the Filings Department. She rapidly showed interest in expanding her expertise in all facets of the department, and currently assists with every aspect of the Filings Department, including both domestic and international formations, custom document orders and obtaining Federal Tax Identification Numbers. Her vast understanding of the state of Delaware's policies and her willingness to always assist make her a great asset to the Harvard Business Services, Inc. team.

Shannon Manerchia, Corporate Filings Specialist
Tel: +1-302-645-7400 Ext. 6120

Harvard Business Services, Inc.

Shannon graduated from Chichester High School in Boothwyn, Pennsylvania in 2008. She began gaining customer service experience while working at Fulton Paper and Party Supplies throughout high school and, upon graduating, transitioned to Wawa Food Stores. Shannon then became a Data Processor while employed at PES Refinery in Philadelphia. In January 2016, Shannon re-located to Lewes, Delaware and started working at Harvard Business Services, Inc. as a Filing Specialist.

Amy Fountain, Vice President of Business Filings
Tel: +1-302-645-7400 Ext. 6123
Direct Fax: +1-302-645-1280

Amy earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Delaware in 1996, and then worked at a local accounting firm for two years. She has been a member of the Harvard Business Services, Inc. team since April 1998. She began her career at Harvard Business Services, Inc. as a Franchise Tax Specialist. She used her meticulous accounting skills to ensure on-time and accurate Franchise Tax report filings for Harvard's clientele.

In 2001, her role at Harvard Business Services, Inc. grew to include the position of Office Manager, and she began managing and training a staff of more than 20 team members. Amy's capabilities and performance led to her next appointment, in 2006, as Director of Business Filings. She orchestrated a broad array of processes, including the formation and maintenance of Delaware companies for both domestic and international clients.

In 2009, she was promoted to Director of the Franchise Tax Department and assumed her initial responsibilities at Harvard Business Services, Inc. She currently assists tens of thousands of clients worldwide with the filing of annual Delaware Franchise Tax reports for both corporations and LLCs. Her 14 years of experience helped to create our user-friendly online Franchise Tax payment system, which can be found at

Corinne Hitch, Corporate Filings Specialist
Tel: +1-302-645-7400 Ext. 6150

Harvard Business Services

Corinne was born and raised in Frankford, Delaware and graduated from Indian River High School in 2014. Following graduation, she attended the University of Delaware where she earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marketing in 2018. Corinne has gained customer service experience while working at the beach each summer and working at a bakery during her years at the University of Delaware before joining the Harvard team in December 2018.

Mail Center

In Memory of Alex Oliveras

Alex was our Vice President of Mailing Operations for 21 years. He unexpectedly passed away on August 3, 2023. He was a great leader, colleague and friend. In his honor we will continue to always remember him here on our team page as a part of our HBS Family.

Lisa Kline, Mail Room Specialist
Tel: +1302-645-7400 Ext. 6139

Harvard Business Services, Inc.

Lisa was born and raised in Rio Vista, California. She joined the U.S. Coast Guard in 1982, which brought her to the East Coast. She and her husband (of 25 years) owned and operated a dairy farm for several years. In 1998, they moved to Delaware in order to be closer to the water. In 2006, Lisa joined the Harvard Business Services, Inc. staff as a Mail Room Specialist. Her duties include receiving and distributing daily mail to clients, contacting clients about mail forwarding options and answering questions about mail forwarding. Lisa also sends out the daily mail packages.

In addition, Lisa assists with sending out Franchise Tax, Registered Agent and mail forwarding notices to clients.

Gary Damiani, Interim Mailing Operations Manager
Tel: +1302-645-7400 Ext. 6903


Gary has been a member of our Mailroom team since 2015 and is happy to assist with your mailing requests.

Allison Rathmanner, Mail Room Specialist
Tel: +1302-645-7400 Ext. 6145

Harvard Business Services, Inc.

Allison was born in Wilmington, Delaware and graduated from St. Elizabeth High School. She has since worked in various fields, including insurance, hospitality, investment banking and business administration. Allison relocated to Lewes, Delaware six years ago, and started working as a Mail Center assistant at Harvard in November 2017.


Amy Lewis, Vice President of Finance
Tel: +1-302-645-7400 Ext. 6112

Amy Lewis joined Harvard Business Services, Inc. in May 2007 as an Accounting Specialist and Human Resources Coordinator with over ten years of accounting and human resource experience. She is responsible for managing the company's daily, weekly and monthly cash flow, accounting and reporting requirements. She also manages Human Resource matters for Harvard Business Services, Inc. Amy graduated from Goldey-Beacom College with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Management.

Laurie Morgan, Accounting Specialist
Tel: +1-302-645-7400 Ext. 6115
Direct Fax: 1-302-269-3991

Harvard Business Services, Inc.

Laurie was born and raised in Delaware. She is a detail-oriented bookkeeping professional with 20+ years of accounting experience. Laurie worked for her family's business for more than five years, focusing on sales, bookkeeping and management. She then spent more than six years in the banking industry, handling accounting matters for two area banks. Since joining Harvard Business Services, Inc. in 2003, Laurie has been using her accounting skills to handle Harvard's accounts payable/receivable issues while assisting our international clients with invoicing and wire transfer payments.

Kebba Fadera, Internal Auditor
Tel: +1-302-645-7400 Ext. 6117

Harvard Business Services, Inc.

Kebba grew up in and around Serekunda, The Gambia, in Africa. In high school, two of his favorite courses were Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting. After high school, he wanted a career related to these subjects but, at the time, could not afford the further studies required. The next best thing was a two-year government scholarship to study at the Gambia Hotel School. After graduating at the top of his class in 2002, Kebba worked in the hotel industry for two years while trying to embark upon the required education for his dream job. In the fall of 2005, he received a life-changing sponsorship from a very generous American family; he was granted the ability to choose any college program to study, and the family helped him with finances. He chose to study business and enrolled at Franklin College in Switzerland, where he graduated in 2010 with a double major in International Banking & Finance and International Management. From his junior year to graduation, he worked in the college's finance and administration department, where he was introduced to daily accounting and bookkeeping tasks such as bank reconciliation, inputting student financial data and invoicing. In the fall of 2010, he received a scholarship from Harvard Business Services, Inc. for a Master's degree program at the Italian University of Switzerland in Lugano. He will be finishing his course work this year and earning a Master of Science degree in Economics, with a major in Management. In July 2011, he completed an internship at Harvard Business Services, Inc. in the accounting department, where his insight into the accounting world as a career was inspired by Harvard's work environment, the employees' team spirit and the family atmosphere. In October 2013, Kebba joined the Harvard Business Services, Inc. accounting team as an Accounting Specialist responsible for managing the daily accounting process.

Information Technology

Alex MacLean, Vice President of IT & Software Development
Tel: +1-302-645-7400 

Alex is a software developer with a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Delaware. He has been developing enterprise software in a variety of industries for over ten years. Some of the previous industries for which he has developed software include real estate, healthcare and retail. 

Alex is an experienced project manager and team leader. He enjoys collaborating with management to improve processes and introduce automation. In his free time, he likes to build furniture, play lacrosse and ping pong and enjoy days at the beach.

Paul Sponaugle, IT/Systems Administrator
Tel: +1-302-645-7400 Ext. 6132

Harvard Business Services, Inc.

Paul is currently an IT/Systems Administrator for Harvard Business Services, Inc., but he was initially a part of the Sales team for four years before assuming this more recent role. Born and raised in the coastal resort area of Sussex County, Delaware, Paul is the son of well-known local restaurateurs who taught him, very early in life, the value of hard work and dedication. As with all family businesses, theirs required the whole family to participate, so as a teenager Paul found himself washing dishes at his parents' establishment. It was there he began to learn business and, more importantly, the business of people, and how courtesy and great service can go a long way.

Paul began working with computers in college, but he never considered it as a career. He spent two years in the mountains of Morgantown, West Virginia before deciding to complete his Bachelor of Arts in Biology at the University of Delaware. After graduation, Paul had no prospects of going into the medical field, so he returned to Delaware's beaches and resumed working at his family's restaurant, this time as a server and bartender, as well as at a local nightclub.

Over the next few years, Paul continued to sharpen his customer service skills, but the long hours and frenetic pace of restaurant life inspired him to look for a career change. In December 2004, he parlayed his computer and people skills into a career with Harvard Business Services, Inc.

Veselin (Veso) Ganev, Assistant Director of Operations & Compliance Manager
Tel: +1-302-645-7400 

Harvard Business Services, Inc.

Veso was born and raised in Eastern Europe. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from the University of Plovdiv in Bulgaria. His first encounter with the beautiful Delaware beaches dates back to the summer of 2008, when Veso first came here as part of a student exchange program. He moved to Delaware in 2011 to enroll in a graduate program and graduated cum laude in May of 2014 from Goldey-Beacom College in Wilmington, Delaware with a Master of Business Administration degree. He also holds a Master of Science degree in Information Systems Engineering and Management.

Veso is a lifelong technology enthusiast; he has held various positions in the IT sector, such as computer and network support, video surveillance systems implementation, cellular wireless support and customer service.

As the Assistant Director of Operations at Harvard Business Services, Inc., his goal is to keep all emergency, communication and infrastructure support systems running smoothly 24/7/365.

Randy Classen, Sr. Web Developer
Tel: +1-302-645-7400 

Harvard Business Services, Inc.

Randy grew up in northwest Florida and developed an interest in computers at a young age. In 2010, he began a career in IT, working in various roles at a computer service company while studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of West Florida. After graduating in 2014, Randy and his wife moved to Delaware and he began working in web development.

At Harvard, Randy enjoys building software to make everyday tasks more satisfying for both customers and staff. Outside of work, Randy enjoys spending time with family, playing basketball, and reading. Randy also earned a Master’s degree in Applied Statistics since joining Harvard and hopes to apply his new data expertise to software tools to continually improve Harvard’s service.

Andrew Bailey, Jr. Web Developer
Tel: +1-302-645-7400 

Harvard Business Services, Inc.

Andrew was born on the Dover Air Force Base to two military parents and has lived in Delaware his entire life. Andrew graduated from Indian River High School in 2007. Throughout his life he has always been a technology aficionado with various hobbies. As his technical aptitude developed it was clear that a career in the field of Computer Science was in his future so he enrolled in Wilmington University and graduated with honors with a major in Management Information Systems and a minor in Software Engineering in January 2019.

As a developer for Harvard Business Services since the spring of 2019, he spends his days building out new features for clients and co-workers alike. The highly collaborative and friendly atmosphere here at HBS has provided a welcoming experience. Andrew also enjoys cooking, long walks, and board games with friends and family. When he isn't at work developing software solutions, he can often be found researching Greek Mythology or the fall of the Roman Empire in between trying to keep up with the financial and political news of the day.

Since 1981, Harvard Business Services, Inc. has helped form 377,541 Delaware corporations and LLCs for people all over the world.

Registered Agent Service

Harvard Business Services, Inc. guarantees your annual Delaware Registered Agent Fee will remain fixed at $50 per company, per year, for the life of your company.