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How do you decide which Delaware Registered Agent to choose? If cost and service are important to you, the information below will help you compare the different deals offered by the top four Delaware Registered Agents.


The costs are divided into initial formation fees and annual (recurring) Delaware Registered Agent fees. Some Registered Agents hide the state filing fees from you until the end of the formation process so it appears as if they are only charging you a small service fee to form your company. Other Registered Agents add shipping fees at the end of the formation process, without warning, to boost their prices. Here at Harvard Business Services, Inc., we gladly disclose all the actual costs to form a company at the lowest possible rate, so you won't be fooled or feel as if you have been taken advantage of by your Registered Agent.


All of our company formation packages include all Delaware filing fees as well as shipping and handling. The price of the package is the price you will pay.

Company Formation Fees
Economy formation package
plus one year Registered Agent service
HBS (Green Package) $179
LegalZoom $379
BizFilings $356
The Company Corporation $269
Annual Registered Agent Fees
  1st year Subsequent years
HBS Included for 12 full months! *$50 / year Best Deal
LegalZoom $159 *$159 / year
BizFilings $149 for the first year *$189 / year
The Company Corporation Included for only six months then $235 *$235 / year
*Harvard's annual fixed $50 Registered Agent fee is guaranteed for the life of the company.
*These Registered Agent fees are subject to be increased at any time.


Many other companies increase their Registered Agent fee over time or include only six months of service in their incorporation packages. Once those six months are up, they'll charge you much more. Our low $50 Registered Agent Fee is included in all company formation packages, and has remained fixed since our company was founded in 1981. It's guaranteed not to increase for the life of your company.

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With Harvard Business Services, Inc., you get more than just the best price. You get lifetime customer support from our expert and accessible staff as well as a $50 annual Registered Agent Fee that is guaranteed not to increase for the life of your company. Forming Delaware companies is our specialty; it's what we do all day, every day, which is why we are experts in the industry. After you compare prices (above), you can read testimonials from a number of our satisfied customers.

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Would you like more proof that we are the best in the industry? The Better Business Bureau offers a service to help consumers ascertain if a business is trustworthy. As you can see below, our excellent reputation far exceeds that of the competition.

Updated on: Friday, February 8, 2019

  HBS LegalZoom The Company
Timeframe Last 3 years Last 3 years Last 3 years
Advertising / Sales Issues 0 35 1
Billing / Collection Issues 0 95 23
Delivery Issues 0 13 1
Guarantee / Warranty Issues 0 9 0
Problems with Product / Service 1 17 12
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