After Forming Your Company

Before Forming Your Company

There are likely countless things to do after incorporating your company, but where should you start? Here are a few "essentials" that you will need to complete after forming your company. In this section you'll find helpful information about what to do after forming an LLC or corporation and links to what you should know after forming your company.

What should I do after forming my LLC or corporation?

  • You'll need to obtain a Federal Tax ID Number, also known as an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Next, you can open a business bank account at the bank of your choice.
  • If your business will operate business in another state you will then apply for Foreign Qualification in the state in which you are physically doing business in and obtain and necessary licenses for your business. 
  • To maintain the life of your company in Delaware you'll need to sustain corporate compliance and pay two annual mainatenance fees. These requirements include paying the Delaware Franchise Tax and Registered Agent fees annually.

As your Delaware Registered Agent, Harvard Business Services, Inc. is happy to have a conversation about what needs to be done after forming an LLC or corporation. Together, we’ll work to ensure that your company is compliant with Delaware laws and regulations while addressing any specific legal or tax issues related to your business.


Harvard Business Services, Inc. has created a series of short, informative videos on a number of different incorporating and company formation topics. Be sure to watch these clips for a high level overview on what to do after forming an LLC or corporation.

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Registered Agent Service

Harvard Business Services, Inc. guarantees your annual Delaware Registered Agent Fee will remain fixed at $50 per company, per year, for the life of your company.