How to Take Corporate Minutes


how to take corporate minutes

Part of a Delaware corporation’s internal formalities include the annual meetings and minutes.  These minutes and meeting are not provided to the Delaware Division of Corporations and are not part of the public record. They’re typically kept on file internally within the Corporate kit we provide in our Standard package. Whenever a meeting is held, written minutes are created documenting the actions taken at the meeting.

Not sure how to take corporate minutes? The written minutes should include at least the following information:

The name of the company

  •  Type of meeting
  • Date, time, and place of the meeting
  • Whether or not the meeting had a special or specific purpose
  • Name and title of the persons who acted as chairperson and secretary of the meeting
  • Whether the meeting was held pursuant to notice, or that notice had been waived by those entitled to receive it
  • A listing of officers or directors present either in person or by proxy and their voting power
  • Whether officers or directors vote at the meeting, and identification of those present and voting, and also whether a quorum was present
  • Identity of any other persons present at the meeting
  • Whether minutes from a previous meeting were distributed and approved, or approved as corrected
  • Description of any reports presented and identification of the presenters
  • Any resolutions or other votes presented, discussed, approved, disapproved, etc.
  • Who made the motions, who seconded them the result of the vote
  • Any other business presented
  • Time and date of next meeting
  • Time of adjournment

Generally, the secretary will prepare minutes within a few days of a meeting and distribute copies before the next meeting so they can be reviewed.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions about your minutes and meetings for your Delaware corporation.

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