Our 2022 Non-Profit Student Entrepreneur Scholarship Winner

2022 Non-Profit Student Entrepreneur Scholarship

We are pleased to announce that the winner of Harvard Business Services’ Non-Profit Student Entrepreneur Scholarship is Mason Turner, a freshman at the University of Cincinnati.

While attending college, Mason is building Huntington Support, a non-profit with a mission to help families affected by Huntington’s disease. Huntington Support provides families with activities they can do with their affected loved ones, so they can spend quality time together. As well, generous donations from hospitals and nursing homes allow Huntington Support to connect families with medical supplies, advice and funds. “As someone who has seen this in my own family, I know the struggles and hardships it brings, and my goal is to bring some relief to these families,” says Mason, who created Huntington Support in memory of his Grandmother who passed away from Huntington’s disease and his Uncle who was diagnosed with it. At the University of Cincinnati, Mason is majoring in Business, and the $1,000 scholarship will go towards his tuition and educational expenses.


Now in its fourth year, Harvard Business Services’ annual Non-Profit Student Entrepreneur Scholarship awards two $1,000 scholarships to young entrepreneurs who are building an organization while pursuing their education. “As the President of Harvard Business Services, Inc., I want to congratulate Mason Turner. We are excited to award him as our 2022 Non-Profit Student Entrepreneur Scholarship recipient,” said Michael J. Bell, President of Harvard Business Services. “We wish Mason much luck and success in his entrepreneurial journey.”


Harvard Business Services, Inc. gave this scholarship using its own company funds and is not affiliated with Harvard University.

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