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How to Close a Company By
how to close a Delaware company
Do you want to close or cancel your Delaware LLC or corporation? Here's how... Read More
Competitive Intelligence Research Leads to Success By
competitive intelligence research
Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, as well as how they are viewed, what attracts customers to them, and how their quality of service compares to yours will help business owners know what they are up against... Read More
Successful Entrepreneurs Blog Series: Jamu Juice By
small business successful entrepreneurs
Welcome to the Successful Entrepreneurs Blog Series. In this monthly blog series, Harvard Business Services, Inc. will interview a variety of successful entrepreneurs whose company’s range from large to small and from local to international... Read More
FBAR Filing and FATCA Reporting By
FBAR filing and FATCA reporting
If you are a United States citizen with a bank account in a foreign country, it is important you understand the differences between FBAR filing and FATCA reporting as well as the necessity of adhering to IRS stipulations of both... Read More
New GI Bill Aims to Help Entrepreneurial Veterans By
Veterans entrepreneurial act of 2015
The bill would allow qualified veterans to use the skills learned and work ethic gained while serving our country in order to start a new business and further strengthen our communities nationwide... Read More
LLC Operating Agreement: Family Business By
llc operating agreement for a family business
A Delaware LLC can be very flexible when it comes to preserving ownership in the family business you've worked so hard to create. In fact, an LLC has the potential to preserve ownership for future decades... Read More
How to Run a Shareholder Meeting By
how to run a shareholder meeting
Delaware law requires every corporation to hold an annual shareholders meeting at least once every 13 months. Generally, the date of the annual meeting is contained in the bylaws of the corporation. A meeting must be held, regardless of the number of shareholders in the corporation... Read More
Change Your Company’s Number of Authorized Shares By
change your company's number of authorized shares
The number of authorized shares you choose for your corporation is important because authorized share information is listed on your Certificate of Incorporation and filed with the state of Delaware... Read More
Dangers of Being Your Own Registered Agent By
being your own registered agen
Every company (no matter what type of business entity) formed in Delaware is required to have a Registered Agent in this state... Read More
How a Delaware LLC Can Protect Trucking Companies By
how a delaware llc can protect trucking companies
If you’re in the business of moving goods from point A to point B, it's likely that the vehicle or vehicles that transport those goods are big, heavy and fast, and move among vast herds of much smaller vehicles operated by drivers with varying skills... Read More