Book Review: $100M Offers by Alex Hormozi

Book ReviewBy the age of 30, Alex Hormozi, the Author of $100M Offers, and his wife Leila had a portfolio of companies that had over a $100 Million valuation. The couple now spends their time helping other entrepreneurs to profitably scale their business without outside capital. Alex Hormozi is now a 32-year-old centi-millionaire ($100M net worth).  He made his money in the gym business, teaching other gym owners to make mountains of cash. He didn't charge a fee. Instead, he took a cut of the profits.

In $100M Offers, Alex Hormozi educates his readers on how to make a winning offer. He claims this is the basis of every successful business.

His book reveals the secrets to generating millions of dollars in sales leads. It provides actionable strategies and tactics for entrepreneurs and sales professionals to scale their businesses and achieve exceptional results.

The Author states that throughout human history, there are only 3 common traits that all leaders possess:

  1. Megalomaniacs- all great people believed they deserved to be, do, and have more than their current level.
  2. Low Self-Esteem- all great people believed they weren't good enough. In a way, they were insecure about themselves, which drove them to outwork everyone.
  3. Delayed Gratification- all great people knew the power of delayed gratification and always sacrificed moments of the present for some big gain in the future.

Another aspect of this book that stood out is “Do the boring work.” In striving for a goal, it is easy to get lost in the fun parts. The Author points out that it is often the boring work that can be the most important. Try to enjoy the journey to the goal regardless of the tasks. Keep reminding yourself that it's all a part of the process.

Another important part of Alex Hormozi’s book is when selling a product, you have to remember that the value of the product will be determined by 4 factors.

  1. The Dream Outcome
  2. The Perceived Likelihood of Achievement
  3. Time Delay
  4. Effort and Sacrifice

I will not spoil the book by going into detail on each point. I recommend you read these points for yourself. Alex is a person that most business people can learn something from. This book is extra special because it is written by someone who has already had success in doing exactly what he is encouraging his readers to do.

Do not let the title fool you. This book is not just about making offers. $100M Offers has valuable tools that a lot of business owners need to be successful. And it doesn’t stop with this book. This is just the first volume. To learn more about Alex Hormozi, search his YouTube channel, where he does fresh tutorials a few times a week.

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