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Why Attorneys Use Harvard Business Services, Inc.
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Why Attorneys Use Harvard Business Services, Inc.

By Michael Bell Monday, September 28, 2015

why attorneys use harvard business servicesMany people mistakenly believe they need an attorney or accountant in order to form an LLC or corporation. This is not true; it is not a requirement to use an attorney or accountant when forming a company, unless you have specific legal or accounting questions with which Harvard Business Services, Inc. is not able to assist. However, when people do retain an attorney or accountant to help them form a company, those professionals often turn to us to handle the filing.

Here at Harvard Business Services, Inc., we have been assisting attorneys and accountants form Delaware LLCs and corporations since 1981. We are electronically linked with the Delaware Division of Corporations, so we can have your company filed on the same day you initiate the service. We then email your attorney or accountant the approved documents in 2 to 3 business days.

Below are other important reasons why attorneys and accountants utilize Harvard Business Services, Inc. for company formations:

  • Ease of use
  • Fast and efficient service
  • No need to deal with state employees—Harvard Business Services, Inc. has an experienced staff ready to handle every aspect of your filing 
  • Confidentiality—your name doesn't have to appear on the formation certificates—Harvard Business Services, Inc. acts as the organizer so your personal information remains protected
  • No unreadable faxes—Harvard Business Services, Inc. delivers documents in PDF format to ensure clean, legible copies
  • No snail-mail/fax delivery—we email PDF documents within 2 to 3 business days  
  • No lost documents—your documents stay in your inbox and can be saved electronically for future use
  • We are Delaware specialists—Harvard Business Services, Inc. has been forming Delaware LLCs and corporations for over three decades
  • Stellar customer service
  • We have the lowest Delaware Registered Agent Fee in the industry: $50 per year, guaranteed, for the life of your company, as long as your company remains in good standing with the state of Delaware

If you are an attorney or accountant and your client has asked you to form a Delaware LLC or corporation, take advantage of all the above benefits Harvard Business Services, Inc. has to offer. Call us at 800-345-2677 or email us at

We will be happy to answer any questions and assist you in filing a Delaware LLC or corporation on behalf of your client.


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