Who Can Be a Member of an LLC?


By now, most people know that Delaware is recognized around the globe as the best place to incorporate your company, and that the Delaware LLC is amongst thewho can be a member of an llc most popular business structures, with unmatched flexibility, asset protection, and low maintenance costs

We work with clients from across the U.S. and all over the world who choose Delaware as the place to form their LLC. Roughly 16% of our business now comes from clients outside the United States.

Who can be a member of a Delaware LLC? 

Anyone can be a member of a Delaware LLC or corporation. Generally, the members of an LLC are individuals, but it doesn’t stop there. Many people opt to set up the Delaware LLC with another company as the member. This can be a corporation, LP, or even another Delaware LLC. 

Often, business owners set the LLC up with an LLC as the member, and additional persons as members. Any mix is permissible. If for any reason the members of the LLC change in the future, not to worry, this is all handled internally with the LLC Operating Agreement.

Traditionally, Delaware LLCs are filed without listing the name and address of the member(s) for public record, since it’s not required when filing the Certificate of Formation in the state of Delaware. 

This means any changes, from adding/removing members, changing the ownership structure, who’s in charge and who manages day to day activities are all addressed within the LLC Operating Agreement.

If you have any questions about membership or forming your Delaware LLC, please call, email, Skype, or live chat from our website during working hours. We’re always here to help!  

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