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By Veselin Ganev Monday, September 26, 2016

entrepreneur on fire

Entrepreneur on Fire is a top-ranked business podcast in which John Lee Dumas, its founder, interviews some of the most successful and inspiring entrepreneurs of our time. 

It is one of the most frequently published podcasts, with episodes being published almost every day.

According to Mr. Dumas, the goal of Entrepreneur on Fire is to inspire entrepreneurs by illustrating others’ failures, successes and Eureka moments, which may then give them the courage they need in order to take the entrepreneurial leap.

I listened to Episode 1416, “Why the Only Move that Matters Is Your Next One,” featuring guest speaker Jenny Blake.

Jenny is the author of Life After College  and the just-released Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One. She is also a popular career coach and business strategist who helps other people organize their brains, avoid burnout and build a sustainable, successful career.

The podcast episode opens with Jenny sharing her personal story about how she ended up where she is now, professionally; she describes her personal struggles with work, including a lack of interest and burnout at her previous jobs.

During that time, she helped a start-up establish itself, and then moved on to work for Google for five and a half years. She describes how she often felt bored, despite working for top companies, which in turn made her feel guilty.

Eventually she experienced a crisis of confidence in what she was doing. Later in the episode she also talks about one of the biggest fears any entrepreneur faces—running out of money—and the ways to overcome this rational fear.

Ultimately, says Jenny Blake, you should be focused on finding yourself and discovering what you are really good at rather than what others are doing, or think you should be doing.

For instance, Jenny Blake found that she thrives in situations where she can facilitate learning, so she crafted a job for herself that includes career coaching, speaking engagements, writing books, running an online course and producing her own podcast.

pivot by jenny blake

Jenny goes on to share that her worst entrepreneurial moment was the realization that she had lost confidence in herself and didn’t know if she was cut out to be an entrepreneur.

As she explains, she was concentrating too much on the negative side of things—the things she didn’t know, the things she couldn’t do and the things she didn’t understand.

Her advice to everyone was to shift your thought process by going back to when everything had been working and concentrate on those things by leveraging all the knowledge, connections and experiences you have already had.

This podcast episode of “Entrepreneur on Fire” is about half an hour long, and will offer insight into how to get comfortable with yourself and your career, and what corrective action to take if you feel there is something in your professional life that needs to change.  

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