Benefits of a Virtual Office Service

Depending on the type of business you own, there are many potential advantages to retaining virtual office services.

What is a Virtual Office Service?

A virtual office is a location that is neither related to nor attached to the actual place in which your company transacts business. Virtual offices offer a variety of business services such as a real business address (as opposed to a P.O. Box), a phone number with various mail services and more.

Key Benefits of a Virtual Office Service:

For starters, a virtual office provides you with an actual Delaware mailing address. Thus, all your mail and any potential service of process will be sent to one place, where it will be accepted and forwarded to you. Your business will be able to receive mail from anywhere, as they will be shipped to your virtual office and then forwarded to you. Most virtual office services even filter out junk mail, so you’ll be able to focus on what’s important to you—your company—rather than dealing with annoying junk mail.

A virtual office also makes your communications convenient if you travel. You can access all your mail, wherever you are.

Flexibility is another key advantage of a virtual office. Your company gets a mailing address, a phone number and whichever mail services you subscribe to, but you don’t have to pay a cent in rent or utilities and you can alter your subscriptions to increase or decrease volume whenever it suits your company’s needs. You save both time and money!

In addition, a virtual office service is reliable and consistently professional—specialists will be accepting your mail and services of process, and scanning them so they can be sent to your email.

Harvard Business Services, Inc. offers Virtual Office services that include your own Delaware phone number that can be forwarded to any U.S. phone number of your choice. In addition, you get up to 520 digitally forwarded mail pieces; junk mail filtering, secure mail shredding for the mail you don’t care to receive; 24/7 access to your mail files; physical mail forwarding upon request; and unlimited forwarding address updates.

To summarize these benefits, your Delaware company gets:

  • Street address in Delaware where you can receive mail.
  • Junk mail filtering
  • Remote access to scanned mail pieces
  • A forwarded Delaware phone number to any other U.S., Canada, or Mexico phone number
  • Savings in time and money over maintaining an office space in Delaware

For more information on our Virtual Office service, please call our Mail Center at 1-800-345-2677, Ext. 6903.

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Sujay Ghosal said: Thursday, November 1, 2018

Great resource, thanks for taking the time to put it together. We’ve been using the ‘friends and family’ method but it is all too often that mail ends up going missing. Looks like we are going to have to upgrade by necessity.

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