Filing Delaware LLC Franchise Tax [INFOGRAPHIC]

All Delaware LLCs and LPs must pay their annual Franchise Tax Fee on or before June 1.

The state of Delaware currently issues its official LLC/LP Franchise Tax notices as a white, paper report. As your Delaware Registered Agent, we represent over 39,000 Delaware LLCs and LPs, receives, sorts and mails all those paper notices to our clients.

You should have received the official notice well in advance of the deadline; please note, however, it is possible you will receive your Delaware LLC Franchise Tax notice after you have already paid online or over the telephone. If you’re unsure, please feel free to contact our Franchise Tax Department. The infographic below contains FAQs to further assist you. 

The infographic below answers some common questions about the annual Delaware LLC Franchise Tax. Click or tap the image to see full size, or scroll below the image for the text version.

Filing Delaware LLC Franchise Tax

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Filing Delaware LLC Franchise Tax: Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my Franchise Tax cost for a Delaware LLC/LP?

All LLCs and LPs pay a flat tax of $300 per year.


Do I need to fill out an annual report?

No. All you need is the name of your company and its Delaware state file number.


Do I need to list the members' names and addresses?

No. The names and addresses of the members are not required.


Is a signature required?

A signature is not required.


Can I file online?

Yes! You can file at


When is my LLC/LP Franchise Tax due?

The tax is due June 1st of every year.


Is there a late penalty? How much is it?

The state of Delaware charges a late penalty of $200 plus 1.5% monthly interest after June 1.

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There is 1 comment left for Filing Delaware LLC Franchise Tax [INFOGRAPHIC]

dan johhnson said: Wednesday, October 4, 2017

I filed as an LLC with your company this year, then filed and received an S-corp designation in March 2017. Am I subject to this franchise fee? I didn't receive any info on it or documentation by letter from Delaware to pay. Am I subject to it? DANOKS LTD thank you 10/4/17

HBS Staff replied: Thursday, October 5, 2017

You filed a corporation with us, Mr. Johnson, in March of 2017. Your company will owe the 2017 Franchise Tax of $225 by March 1, 2018.

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