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By Rick Bell Monday, January 15, 2018

Board Portal Software

Most successful entrepreneurs know the importance of attracting and managing a great Board of Directors. Your Board of Directors can influence your company’s success, and that influence can be good, great or a disaster. Therefore, learning to manage your board should be a talent you want to develop.

This post is the first in a series of blogs that will highlight the strategies and tactics of good board management, such as communication and security—both critical components of board success. In this post, I’d like to introduce you to an online tool to help you manage your Board of Directors.

BoardBookIt is a SaaS portal software platform that facilitates both board communication and board security in an organized and efficient manner, with an easy-to-use interface.

A corporate Board of Directors that consists of successful, experienced team players will be the most efficient at elevating your company. Each board member’s desire to serve is important. Board expectations and goals should be clearly defined and understood. However, a board’s efficacy is only as strong as its communication.

BoardBookit is a cloud-based board portal software platform that will improve your life tenfold if your goal is to be great at managing your board. Consider it a communication super-power that will drastically improve your corporation when you master it and take advantage of all its capabilities.

BoardBookit is so simple and user-friendly to operate that you’ll soon notice all your board members will be eager to adapt to it. Ultimately, they’ll depend on it.

BoardBookit is a true SaaS common platform where you securely keep all of your board-related data and communications. It organizes all profile and address data for board members; it also allows you to create unlimited custom fields so you can include multiple phone numbers, addresses and email addresses, as well as fields for demographic information, spouse’s names, areas of special focus and birthdays. Calendar invites are easy to create, and the platform keeps track of them and members’ responses in simple logs. Documents of all kinds can be organized, sorted, signed electronically, notated and revised.  

BoardBookit handles meetings with ease, including agendas with links, notifications, confirmations, comments and proposed dates. Real-time final versions can be pushed out to all the members’ devices (PCs, laptops, tablets and cell phones) so that members’ documents can be updated at any time up to, and even during, the meeting. Meeting notices include an RSVP button; in addition, the platform monitors responses so reminders are sent only to those who have not yet replied.

Security is one of the primary advantages of BoardBookIt. Since all of your communications occur over the BoardBookit cloud, you can control, and track access to, all meeting and board data. If you restrict downloading and train your board members to work from the cloud, you avoid sending your confidential data to reside on board members’ local devices. Most boards that debate the importance of cyber security don’t realize how many local networks their documents reside on because documents of all kinds are being stored on every board member’s hard drive.

On the administrative side, credentials can be set for various types of administrators. For example, you and your assistant can both possess the ability to set up meetings, but your assistant may be locked out of the specific data associated with whatever parameters you create. Every member can also have unlimited groups (committees) that can be created and maintained easily. Logs illustrate the type of device the member is using to access the platform, and their devices can be remotely wiped of your data, if necessary.

The platform manages presentations as well, from creation to distribution to requests for comments and responses. Once the presentation begins, everyone is connected to the most recent version, as older versions are deleted from view and archived.

Stay tuned for additional blogs about BoardBookit as well as upcoming posts featuring interviews with seasoned board members, trends in corporate governance, pitfalls for boards to avoid and tips from the best on what makes for a stellar board.

 For more information about the potential of Boardbookit, click here.

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Ishita Dewan said: Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Nice Post. Going paperless has become more of a necessity than a luxury, all thanks to the tremendous push by the government to achieve digitization. Board portal software helps the company and board directors and CXO’s to effectively manage their meeting documentation. It greatly reduces their physical and mental stress. It also reduces their efforts and allows them to utilize their time and energies in more efficient and productive manner.

HBS Staff replied: Tuesday, May 29, 2018

We agree! Thanks for reading our blog.

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