About LLCs

The LLC is the most popular type of Delaware business formation. In these blogs, we examine all aspects of LLCs, including LLC Operating Agreements.

Delaware Timetable for Canceling Your LLC By HBS Monday, February 19, 2024 Steps to closing your LLCIf you have stopped using one of your LLCs and it’s time to close it, here is the Delaware timetable. Whether the company didn’t turn out as planned or you feel the company has run its course and it’s time to shut down, Harvard Business Services, Inc. is here to assist with any cancellation needs... Read More
Certificate of Formation and the Role of the Organizer By Brett Melson Tuesday, December 19, 2023 Certificate of Formation and the Role of the OrganizerA Delaware LLC authorized person plays a role in the launch of the business. Read about the Certificate of Formation and an LLC organizer’s responsibilities... Read More
The Perils of LLC Flexibility (Part 2) – Key Issues an Operating Agreement Must Address By Jarrod Melson, Esq. Tuesday, December 5, 2023 When drafting your LLC Operating Agreement, it’s important to include sections about how to remove a manager, remove a member, and solve a deadlock... Read More
General Partnership vs Limited Partnership By Devin Scott Monday, December 4, 2023 general partnership vs limited partnershipWhen partnering with a company or an individual, it is often important to know exactly what your roles, duties, and liabilities may be. There are two common types of partnerships that often get confused: general partnership and limited partnership... Read More
LLC Charging Orders – An LLC’s Limited Liability from Its Members By Jarrod Melson, Esq. Tuesday, November 14, 2023 LLC Charging orderWhile LLC members are protected from personal liability, creditors can still get a charging order for compensation. Learn more about LLC charging orders today... Read More
Does an LLC Have Stock or Shareholders? By Justin Damiani Tuesday, October 24, 2023 Does an LLC Have Stock or ShareholdersCan LLCs have shareholders or issue stocks? Learn more about the simple LLC ownership structure, ownership changes & how they differ from corporations... Read More
What Is an LLC Operating Agreement? By Brett Melson Monday, October 23, 2023 what is an llc operating agreementThe Delaware legislature created the limited liability company (LLC) in such a way as to allow the LLC's members the freedom to contract with one another upon whatever terms they deem are best suited to their company... Read More
The Perils of LLC Flexibility – How are Operating Agreements Interpreted By Jarrod Melson, Esq. Tuesday, October 17, 2023 Read about the importance of a well-drafted LLC operating agreement. Without clarity and context, Delaware courts will need to interpret the agreement... Read More
LLC Change of Ownership Checklist By Brett Melson Monday, September 25, 2023 Members of an LLC may change the LLC’s ownership and the terms governing its management and operation by amending its operating agreement. Here are five parties you’ll want to inform when you do so to avoid putting your company at any undue risk... Read More
Pros and Cons to Running an LLC from Home By HBS Tuesday, May 16, 2023 Most people love the idea of working from home - but is it a good choice to run your LLC from home? Here are the pros and cons to running an LLC from home... Read More