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Doing Business in Illinois with a Delaware LLC By
Doing business in Illinois with a Delaware LLC r
Since Delaware is known for having a favorable corporate law structure, it is often the most popular domestic choice for filing an LLC. If your Delaware LLC will operate in Illinois, you will need to register as a foreign entity in the state. Here's how the process works... Read More
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An LLC Could Help With Your FFL Application By
Federal Firearms License
We are noticing a new business trend that many clients are taking advantage of. First, they form an LLC and THEN they apply for their FFL (Federal Firearms License) with the ATF... Read More
How to Prove Ownership of a Delaware LLC By
how to show ownership in an LLC
One of the questions that we are often presented with is, "I need to know how to prove ownership of a Delaware LLC. How can I do that?" Here's how... Read More
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Authorizing Shares for Your Delaware Corporation By
authorizing shares for your delaware corporation
Now that you've formed a corporation, you may wonder about authorizing shares for your Delaware corporation | Harvard Business Services, Inc... Read More
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