How to Choose a Delaware Registered Agent


how to choose the best delaware registered agent

Delaware law dictates that every Delaware company (whether a corporation, LLC, LP, non-profit corporation or a public benefit corporation) must appoint a Registered Agent.

Whether you are forming a new business entity or need to find an alternate Registered Agent for an existing company, there are plenty of Delaware Registered Agents available.

How do you know which Registered Agent is best suited for you and your company?

Here are 10 specific features to look for in a Delaware Registered Agent:

  1. A physical office located in the state of Delaware, as per the statutory code.
  2. Office is open and available during normal business hours to accept Service of Process and answer your questions. 
  3. Established system to forward all Franchise Tax notices from the Delaware Secretary of State. 
  4. Direct, online access to the Delaware Secretary of State, so you can quickly obtain company documents, such as a Certificate of Good Standing, in only two hours.
  5. Many years in business, with the experience to handle any type of situation. 
  6. Trusted and respected in the legal community.
  7. Offers you access to customer service in a variety of ways:
  • Telephone
  • Fax  
  • Email
  • live chat
  • in-person office visit    
  1. Provides excellent, reliable customer service with a rapid response time. 
  2. Has many positive reviews from other clients on a third-party review site like the Better Business Bureau or TrustPilot.
  3. Offers competitive and economical annual rate for Registered Agent Service, without hidden fees or bait and switch tactics.

Harvard Business Services, Inc. proudly possesses all of these attributes; plus, we offer an array of additional services that can benefit your company.

You can form a new company with us and feel confident, knowing you are establishing a relationship with the best Delaware Registered Agent. 

If you already have a company formed in the state of Delaware but your current Registered Agent does not meet these standards, you should make the switch now!


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