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What Is Stock? By
what is stock
Stock represents an equity ownership in an entity, and normally, with certain exceptions, is given in exchange for a paid-in capital contribution to a business. Ownership of stock does not entitle the holder to specific property or assets of the company, but rather, provides the holder with a share of the entity’s profits and gains, normally through the receipt of dividends... Read More
5 Daily Tasks of Successful Entrepreneurs By
successful entrepreneurs
What separates world-famous, successful entrepreneurs from Joe the Bagel Store Owner? Perhaps it’s these 5 Daily Tasks of Successful Entrepreneurs... Read More
Why Attorneys Use Harvard Business Services, Inc. By If you are an attorney or accountant, Harvard Business Services, Inc. can help you form LLCs and corporations on behalf of your clients... Read More
A Franchise Tax Payment Parable: Don’t Be Like Ike By
file your own franchise tax
One of the annual obligations a Delaware business entity must fulfill is filing and paying an annual Franchise Tax. We illustrate the difference between filing your Franchise Tax payment and letting us file it for you... Read More
Delaware, Most Corporate-Friendly State in America By
delaware, most corporate friendly state in america
The 2015 Lawsuit Climate Survey “Ranking the States: A Survey of the Fairness and Reasonableness of State Liability Systems” from the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform is out, and for the tenth year in a row, the state of Delaware was voted number one... Read More
Benefits of a Delaware LLC By
benefits of a delaware llc
What are the benefits of a Delaware LLC, and what makes a Delaware LLC so easy to manage and operate? There are a number of reasons a Delaware LLC is uncomplicated to form and maintain. The Delaware LLC is well-known for its unmatched flexibility and low maintenance requirements... Read More
Protect Your Boat in an LLC By
protet your boat in an llc
It is becoming more and more common for boat owners to form a Delaware LLC in order to protect themselves as well as their boat. Oftentimes, people who own a yacht or boat charter it out for a fee. Their boat may be in one city while they are in another, and their boat is often being operated by a person they have never met... Read More
Why You Should Consider a Crowdfunding Platform By
consider a crowdfunding platform
Got a great idea for an app or startup but nowhere near enough money to get started? Consider a crowdfunding platform... Read More
Delaware Division of Corporations 2014 Annual Report By
delaware division of corporations 2014 annual report
Highlights from the Delaware Division of Corporations 2014 Annual Report. Want to know why over 65% of Fortune 500 companies are incorporated in Delaware?.. Read More
Business Bank Account with Banking Resolutions By
business bank account
Every business needs a bank account; if you are prepared & take all your documents, it can be a fast and simple process... Read More