How to Do a Delaware Corporation Name Search

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Before you form a corporation in Delaware, you will need to select a name for your new company. First, you'll want to do a Delaware corporation name search to make sure the name you wish to use is available.

Please be aware that the state of Delaware has regulations on what can and cannot be used in a corporation name. For example, corporation names must end in:

  • corporation
  • company
  • club
  • foundation
  • association
  • fund
  • limited
  • incorporated
  • institute
  • syndicate
  • society
  • public benefit corporation
  • union

Similar abbreviations are also permissable, such as:

  • Inc.
  • Ltd.
  • Co.
  • Corp.
  • words that are recognized as corporate endings in other countries are also acceptable

Corporation names cannot contain the following words without the prior approval of the Delaware Banking Commissioner or the Delaware Secretary of Education. 

  • bank
  • trust
  • university
  • college

For more details on what is required and what is forbidden for a Delaware corporation name, please visit our page on choosing a company name.

If you have a name in mind for your new company, we can run a Delaware corporation name check to see if it is available. We have access to a database with the names of all companies incorporated in Delaware. If yours is already in use, you'll need to select another one.

You can do a company name check to see if your corporation name is available via our free Delaware corporation name search tool. To use it, simply type in your proposed name and your contact information, and we will contact you with the results. It's fast and easy to find out if your company name is available.

If you need help with the company name check process or you would prefer to speak with someone directly, our helpful staff can assist you via phone at 1-800-345-2677or by live chat.

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