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    "I would like to commend Mail and Expediting Manager Alex Oliveras for the outstanding service and excellent advice he gave me regarding your mail forwarding service and the process by which I can dissolve my company. I learned during our conversation that Mr. Oliveras is the manager of the Harvard Business Services mail center, and that the process of dissolving a company is not his expertise. However, Mr. Oliveras took it upon himself to research the information I needed. Mr. Oliveras also explained the various options for mail forwarding and the associated costs. Thanks to his help I renewed my Mail Forwarding service for Easy Flight, Inc. Mr. Oliveras was very courteous and patiently answered all of my many questions. He had all the mail forwarding information at his fingertips, and was able to expeditiously research the information about dissolution. I'm very pleased with his service, and it's my pleasure to acknowledge his value as a terrific asset for the Harvard Business Services."

    Jon T.

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Incorporation Questions & Answers

As we help our customers reach informed decisions about forming business entities, we find that some questions about incorporating come up more often than others. Below is a list of those most frequently asked questions. Remember that if you don't see your question answered here, our business formation specialists are standing by to help.

Can a corporation own another corporation?

Yes. A corporation can own another corporation and can purchase it using the first corporation's stock. This is yet one more advantage among many of having a Delaware corporation. In fact, under the new IRS regulations, even subchapter S corporations can own and control major portions of affiliated companies.

Do I get a discount if I incorporate more than one company?

Yes. Only Harvard Business Services, Inc. gives you a 5% discount on the formation of every new LLC or corporation after your initial filing, regardless of when you form them. If you're a current client, you must form the new company in your own name and at your own address to be eligible for this discount. Call for more details.

Does my corporate bank account have to be in Delaware?

No. You don't need to transact business in Delaware, keep a bank account here, or even visit the state in order to form and operate your corporation under Delaware law. (See more on why you should choose Delaware for your incorporation needs.)

Have your forms been reviewed by attorneys?

Yes. We retain as our company counsel a prestigious and widely acclaimed Wilmington, DE law firm whose specialty is Delaware corporation law. This is an important consideration for at least two reasons. Your corporation or LLC is defined by the wording in the certificate of incorporation and the bylaws. Delaware law allows wording in corporate papers that offers added flexibility and protection to a corporation or LLC. Many filing services use generic or boilerplate wording in their forms that don't take full advantage of the benefits of Delaware's corporate law.

Our law firm writes, reads, or reviews everything we do with the specific mission of drafting our corporate papers and keeping the language state-of-the-art.

How is forming a corporation or LLC important for attracting investors?

Investors, in addition to a suitable return on their money, want tangible, legal evidence of their investment (their part of ownership) in your enterprise. Stock certificates are really the only way to accomplish this. Serious and savvy investors are far less likely to invest in a "project" or an "idea" without the stock ownership structure in place. If you approach or are approached by an investor, have that structure and your business plan ready.

How many shares should I get in my company?

Only get as many shares as you need. Your annual Delaware franchise taxes will be based on the number of shares you have. (See more on understanding your company's stock.)

In my corporate kit, is one stock certificate worth one share of stock?

No. Your stock certificates are printed with your company name and the total authorized shares in your company. You choose the name of the stockholder and the number of shares the certificate represents and enter that information on the certificate.

Is your company affiliated with Harvard University?

No, we are not affiliated with Harvard University.

One or more of your competitors offers "express service" for a little less than the cost of your "first class service." What's the difference?

The key difference is that their "packages" are not really packages because they don't include extras that wind up costing a lot of extra money. Our packages include everything they say they include. There are no hidden fees or surprises. The wording, the claims, and the promises we make about our services are very straightforward and easy to understand. Beware of what others claim.

What are the laws in Delaware governing my choice of a company name?

The name of your corporation or LLC must have an approved corporate ending (suffix). The following corporate endings are available to Delaware corporations: Association, Club, Company, Corporation, Fund, Foundation, Incorporated, Institute, Society, Syndicate, or Limited, or one of these abbreviations: Co., Corp., Inc., or LTD. Your corporate name cannot have the word "Bank," "Trust," "University," or "College."

For more information, check out an article on naming a company posted on the HBS Blog.

What does all this mean to me, as a person about to incorporate? What do I get from your service that I wouldn't get from theirs?

We can deliver the fastest incorporation services in the world, period. When we say "next day delivery," it means exactly that: a first-class corporate kit, which includes a stand-up desk seal, as well as stock certificates and a minute book the very next day.

Service that fast comes by virtue of our special authorization in cooperation with the state of Delaware to process approvals on an expedited basis. Your approval process takes top priority not just with us but with the Division of Corporations as well. Then we rush your documents out by courier so that they are in your hands the next morning (in most areas).

What is a Delaware registered agent?

People from outside Delaware who wish to form Delaware corporations must, as prescribed by Delaware law, have a registered agent within the state. The registered agent acts as the original incorporator, files the corporation, and remains the registered agent for the life of the corporation.

You can count on our registered agent service to send out your annual Delaware franchise tax report, to help you compute your tax if necessary, to assist you when necessary in making changes in your corporation such as increasing the number of shares of stock or changing the corporate address, or just to answer your questions whenever they come up.

What is your total annual registered agent fee?

We charge $50 per year which, to our knowledge, is and has been the lowest fee available. And, unlike some other services, our fee covers 12 full months regardless of when during the calendar year you file your corporation. (See next question below.)

What par value should I place on my stock?

Par value has no relationship to the market value of your stock. If your stock were publicly traded, investors would determine its day-to-day market value. The stock of many large and well-known corporations may trade for $50, $75, or $100 on a given day, but the par value of their stock may be as low as $.00001. Par value affects your franchise tax, so it saves money to assign a low value. A $0 par value is usually recommended for companies with 1,500 shares or less. (See more on understanding your company’s stock.)

When is my registered agent fee due?

We bill you on the anniversary of your incorporation date each year, which means your fee covers a full year's (12 months) service. For example, if you file through us in October, your next registered agent fee is not due until the following October.

Some registered agent services bill you on a calendar-year basis. If you incorporate toward the middle or end of the year, you'll get a registered agent invoice again at the beginning of the next calendar year, which may be only a few months away. Again, beware of what others claim.

Which endings are not allowed for limited liability companies?

Your LLC name CANNOT contain the words "Bank," "University," or "College." It may contain the word "Trust."

Why has Harvard Business Services, unlike most of its competitors, tailored its services so closely to the needs of people who are forming businesses? Is there a history or company culture that creates such an affinity with entrepreneurs?

Rick Bell, the founder of Harvard Business Services, Inc., has an entrepreneurial background which spans a wide range of start-ups and business ventures. Since starting Harvard Business Services, Inc. in 1981, Rick has kept that spirit and those experiences foremost, as he has refined and simplified the business of helping other entrepreneurs form businesses.

Rick firmly believes that self-reliance, hard work, and the can-do spirit of entrepreneurship have a proven history of creating and supporting vibrant, dynamic economic systems. If the process of forming a corporation were an expensive, time-consuming barrier to starting a business, it would stall an otherwise powerful economic engine.

Will you increase my registered agent fees in the future?

Absolutely not. This is one of the hallmarks of our way of doing business and we are proud to point it out. We are alone in guaranteeing a fixed annual fee of $50 for the life of your corporation.

Look out for registered agents who tell you their fee can be increased at any time without notice. They can, and will, increase your annual rate.

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