Types of Delaware Business Entities

Before Forming Your Company

The state of Delaware offers many different types of business entities from which you can choose.

How Many Types of Business Entities Are There?

Corporations, LLCs and partnerships have so many different variations and subtypes. The eight types of business entities linked below should allow you to find the best entity type that matches your operational needs and goals.

How to Decide What Type of Business Entity is Best for You

There are several things to consider when deciding which type of business entity is best for your business venture. Each type of Delaware entity has its own sturcture and convenience. If you're having trouble choosing a Delaware business entity, you can read more about each type below.

Here you will find all the information you need to learn about types of Delaware business entities: LLCs, limited partnerships and general, close and exempt corporations.

We also have a detailed comparison chart, which illustrates the major differences between a sole proprietorship, limited liability company and corporation.

In addition, you can find links to our other services, from searching for a company name to ordering a Federal Tax ID Number or Certificate of Good Standing, and so much more.


We have created a series of short, informative videos on a number of different incorporating and company formation topics.

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Registered Agent Service

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