Doing Business in Arizona with a Delaware LLC

By Devin Scott Tuesday, December 30, 2014

doing business in arizona with a delaware llcFor many business owners, Delaware is the popular choice when it comes to incorporating their business.


This is due to Delaware's strong legal climate which has been ranked No.1 in the U.S. many times. Delaware is known for legally separating members of an LLC from the debts of the LLC, thus protecting their personal assets.


By incorporating your business in Delaware, your business is considered domestic to Delaware and foreign to every other state.


The process in which a Delaware LLC will get permission to operate in a foreign state is called Foreign Qualification. To foreign qualify your Delaware LLC in Arizona, you will need to follow Arizona's application process, pay their state fee, and obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from Delaware.


This Certificate of Good Standing must be current within 60 days. As a Delaware Registered Agent, we are happy to assist you with this service.


If we help you to qualify your Delaware LLC in Arizona, the turnaround time is often about a week. We will prepare the documents, obtain the Certificate of Good Standing from Delaware, and send the appropriate documents to you for signature. Often the managing member will sign these documents.


The signatures will not need to be original, so you are able to simply email the forms back. We will then file the documents with Arizona, along with the Certificate of Good Standing, pay the state fee and send you the Certificate of Authority to operate in Arizona as soon as it is approved. We can also act as your Registered Agent in Arizona for $99 per year.


Arizona does not have a publication requirement unless specifically required by the county of your Registered Agent. There is also no annual reporting requirement for Arizona. Please keep in mind that once registered as a foreign entity in Arizona, your Delaware LLC will still be responsible for staying in good standing in Delaware by maintaining a Registered Agent and paying the annual Franchise Tax before June 1 each year.


For more information on foreign qualification in Arizona, registered agent service in Arizona, or to get started with these services, please contact Harvard Business Services at 1-800-345-2677 x6130 or email

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