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Quote of the Day: Mark Twain
By Carleigh Lowe Tuesday, August 14, 2012

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” - Mark Twain

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101: Company Car
By Gregg Schoenberg Monday, August 13, 2012

If you and/or your employees are racking up a lot of miles on a personal vehicle for work purposes, then now may a good time to look into buying a company car. Interest rates are still near historic lows, so there are some pretty attractive financing terms available. And while car sales have ticked up recently, there are still plenty of good deals available if you’re willing to shop around and use your negotiating skills. Before setting out for the car lots in search of your company vehicle, make yourself familiar with these 4 tax and financial considerations to find the right car, at the right terms, to suit your business.

  • Buy versus lease – In the long term, you’ll end up saving money by buying your cars rather than leasing them. But if buying isn’t an option and you need a company car, the good news is that leasing has some tax advantages. As long as the vehicle is used solely for business purposes, you are allowed to deduct the full cost of the monthly lease payments, as well as the vehicle’s operating costs, such as gas and servicing.
  • The right write-offs – The IRS allows you to take a tax deduction of 55.5 cents for each mile that your company car is driven for business purposes, so be sure to keep accurate records of its use. You can also choose to forego the per-mile deduction and instead write off the actual costs. If you decide to go this route, then you can depreciate the cost of the car, but there are limits to the depreciation you can claim in a year. For 2012, those limits are $11,160 for a new vehicle and $3,160 for a used one. You may need to do some number crunching to determine which write-off method is more beneficial to your firm.
  • Consider the long-term costs – When it comes to cars, the price you pay for the vehicle is only the beginning. Your long-term total costs will also include taxes, fees, financing charges, insurance, maintenance, and repairs. While it’s impossible to predict all of these with certainty, there are some handy tools on the Web, like this helpful formula from Edmunds that can help you compare the expected total cost of owning different vehicles.
  • Don’t forget about gas – While you might be able to get a great deal and attractive financing on a number of cars, one thing that hasn’t gotten more affordable is gas. So if you’re going to be putting a lot of miles on your company vehicle, you can wind up saving a good deal of money in the long run by choosing a fuel-efficient car. And if you’re the cutting-edge type and are interested in trying out the ultimate in fuel efficiency, the government is offering a tax credit of $7,500 to electric car buyers in 2012.

With the preceding information in mind, you should be well-equipped to find a good choice for your company at a good price. But because some of the financial calculations discussed here depend on current tax law, you’ll probably want to talk with your tax advisor about the “buy versus lease” decision and utilizing the proper write-offs before committing to buying your new company car.

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Quote of the Day: Jeanette Mulvey
By Carleigh Lowe Monday, August 6, 2012

"You don't need an MBA to be a successful business owner...What you do need, however, is a solid dose of common sense." - Jeanette Mulvey

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Book Review: The Idea Factory
By Rick Bell Tuesday, July 31, 2012

No single company is more responsible for our 21st century technological era than the “Bell Labs” division of Ma Bell, THE Phone Company, originally known as American Telephone &Telegraph.  Oh, I know you can quickly name a dozen other companies who made excellent products and monumental strides in technology, including HP, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, Apple, Google, and on and on, but all of these companies would never have happened, were it not for Bell Labs. In fact, they could not have happened had there been no Bell Labs.

You see, ten years before Steve Jobs was born, Bell Labs was running a research facility in New Jersey, which would employ tens of thousands of America’s best scientists, many of them concentrating on basic research. Basic Research includes testing a given material – silicon being one of them - for all of its obvious and potential characteristics and co-characteristics, in order to build whole new platforms upon which new technologies can be launched. Their object was to invent the devices necessary to build a telephone system for the future that “Could connect any person to any other person, anytime.”

After America’s triumph in WWII, before television was introduced to the American public, it was by any measure a “long-Term” view. At that time, with vacuum tubes being necessary to transmit voice waves from repeater station to repeater station every 30 miles, the circuitry necessary to create an iPhone 4S would have taken up a space the size of Grand Central Station.

Scientists at Bell Labs were the first to discover how to use the magic of silicon to create the first “Transistor” in 1946. This was the primary building block of the electronics age, replacing the vacuum tube.  After that, they went on to invent the Solar Cell in 1954, the LASER in 1958, and in 1962, they built and successful launched the first commutations satellite which enabled the cellular world to become a reality. And that’s not the half of it….

So now you see what I mean when I say that without Bell Labs, none of what we experience today, from a technology standpoint, would exist. It’s true. But the story of HOW Bell Labs did it, and WHY such broad scale innovation came out of it is even more fascinating that my introduction.

The Idea Factory a new book by Fast Company Articles Editor Jon Gertner and New York Times writer is the amazing adventure of Bell Labs, from its beginnings as Alexander Graham Bell’s own laboratory through several decades when it was the premier Technology Laboratory in America, and perhaps the World.  It’s the story of how innovation is achieved on a major scale, and why nurturing such innovation is important. At Bell Labs, they broke all the rules of company organizational science in order to discover new sciences like Solid State Physics and Satellite Communications. In some ways, they were the Google of their time, and their time stretched over many decades.

Reading Gertner’s book is like being told the story by somebody who knows all the related details, as well as the obvious ones. He lets you in on what really happened and has due respect for the individuals who crafted the personality of Bell Labs and made it possible for it to develop it into a scientific colossus.

It is captivating to read. It is a lesson in management, the tale of a uniquely American triumph and a chronicle of what happened at Bell Labs in New Jersey that changed the world.

The Idea Factory: Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovation, The Penguin Press, New York, NY 2012 by Jon Gertner. $28.95 list price, 442 pages. Available anywhere new books are sold.

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Polish Speaking Clients Have Support at FirmaDelaware
By HBS Thursday, July 26, 2012

Libera Solutions Ltd in collaboration with Harvard Business Services, Inc. and through the website supports entrepreneurs in starting international business projects based on U.S. companies registered in State of Delaware. We specialize in servicing Polish-speaking customers.

Our legal solutions allow you to conduct operations both from the U.S. as well as from EU countries, including Poland. For our clients we can also provide accounting services for the activities of the U.S., Polish or the UK.

Legal support for our clients is provided by Dobrzyniecki & Partners Law Office LLP. It is an international law firm providing services in both law and finance. It specializes in capital markets services, corporate restructuring as well as mergers and acquisitions. One of the important issues handled in the firm is international tax law, in particular the use of transnational legal norms in order to ensure tax optimization. The Firm is also an active promoter of the stock market, participating in the IPO processes, on both the Warsaw Stock Exchange and stocks of London & New York. Andrzej Dobrzyniecki is The Managing Partner, who in addition to legal studies also completed the MBA Exclusive studies and studies in accounting. He was an Arbitration Judge in the European Arbitration Court for many years.

In an era of global economy, we believe in free markets and freedom to conduct business around the world. We have tools to help you implementing your plans, without unnecessary restraints.

Register YOUR company in Delaware with US today!

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Article in Polish:

Libera Solutions Ltd we wspó?pracy z Harvard Business Services, Inc. poprzez serwis internetowy FirmaDelaware.comwspomaga przedsi?biorców w uruchomieniu mi?dzynarodowych projektów biznesowych opartych o ameryka?skie spó?ki rejestrowane w stanie Delaware. Specjalizujemy si? w obs?udze klientów polskoj?zycznych.

Nasze rozwi?zania prawne pozwalaj? na prowadzenie dzia?alno?ci operacyjnej zarówno z terenu USA jak i z krajów UE, w tym z Polski. Dla naszych klientów mo?emy zapewni? tak?e obs?ug? ksi?gow? dla dzia?alno?ci prowadzonej z terenu USA, Polski czy te? UK.

Zaplecze prawne dla naszych klientów zapewnia kancelaria prawna Dobrzyniecki & Partners Law Office LLP. Jest  ona mi?dzynarodow? kancelari? prawn? ?wiadcz?c? us?ugi zarówno w zakresie prawa jak i finansów. Specjalizuje si? w obs?udze rynku kapita?owego, restrukturyzacji przedsi?biorstw oraz w procesach fuzji i przej??. Jednym z istotnych zagadnie? jakimi zajmuje si? Kancelaria jest mi?dzynarodowe prawo podatkowe, a w szczególno?ci wykorzystanie ponadnarodowych unormowa? prawnych w celu zapewnienia optymalizacji podatkowej. Kancelaria równie? jest aktywnym animatorem rynku gie?dowego, uczestniczy w procesach IPO zarówno Warszawskiej Gie?dy Papierów Warto?ciowych, jak i parkietów gie?dy londy?skiej i nowojorskiej. Partnerem Zarz?dzaj?cym jest Andrzej Dobrzyniecki, który poza studiami prawniczymi uko?czy? równie? studia typu MBA Exclusive i studia z zakresu rachunkowo?ci, jest równie? wieloletnim S?dzi? Arbitra?owym w Europejskim Trybunale Arbitra?owym.

W erze globalnej gospodarki wierzymy w wolny rynek i swobod? prowadzenia biznesu na ca?ym ?wiecie. Mamy narz?dzia, które pomog? Ci w realizacji Twoich planów bez niepotrzebnych hamulców.

Zarejestruj SWOJ? firm? w Delaware razem z nami!

Jak si? z nami skontaktowa??



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