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Cash Reserves: How Much Does Your Business Need? By
how much in cash reserves does my company need
How much money in cash reserves should your company have? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question... Read More
Doing Business in Montana with a Delaware Company By
Montana, like other states has an application process, a state fee, and also requires a Certificate of Good Standing from Delaware in order to register the Delaware LLC or Corporation to do business in Montana as a foreign entity... Read More
What to Consider When Naming a Company By
what to know when naming a company
We can check the company name for any Delaware startup, and typically receive a definitive answer on whether or not it contains any restricted words and if the proposed company name will get approved by the Delaware Division of Corporations... Read More
How to Verify Your Business Address with TransferWise By
Many of our international clients have chosen to work with TransferWise for their banking needs. When opening and verifying your business account, TransferWise will ask for some information and documentation for your company... Read More
What to Know about California’s LLC Forms By
californias llc forms
States require different forms when you register a foreign company for Foreign Qualification. California has three different forms for LLCs... Read More
What Is the Corporate Transparency Act of 2019? By
If the Act becomes law, any new U.S. corporation or LLC would be required (a) to make a filing under the Act providing information about its beneficial owner(s) or (b) qualify for an exemption from filing... Read More
Making Changes to Your Delaware Company By In this 60-minute webinar, complete with transcript Harvard Business Services' Brett Melson and Jarrod Melson discuss the process and nuances of making a variety of changes to a Delaware LLC or corporation... Read More
What Is a Conformed Signature? By
what is a conformed signature
A conformed signature indicates that a real signature has been used on the original document. Oftentimes, business transactions are done by smartphone while on the go. Many people know already that Delaware will accept faxed and emailed copies of documents that require signatures... Read More
The Term Sheet – Preliminary Negotiation for a Sale By
This chapter of our look at selling your small business discusses the Term Sheet – an extremely important agreement created early in the negotiation process between a potential buyer and a business owner... Read More
Preparing Your Small Business for a Sale By
This discussion of selling your small business provides an overview of the steps a small business owner should take to best prepare and position the business for sale once he or she has determined to sell... Read More