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How Exchange Rates Affect Your Business By
How do foreign exchange markets work? What are their effects on business owners? Here's how fluctuations in the exchange rates affect your business... Read More
What Is the Role of Officers in a Delaware Corporation? By
What do Officers in a Delaware Corporation do
Delaware law mandates that an officer of the corporation must be an individual and cannot be another entity; however, Delaware does not have restrictions in place about who can serve as an officer in a corporation... Read More
How to Register a Delaware Company in New York By If you want your Delaware company to operate in NY, you need to file for Foreign Qualification and keep your company compliant in both states... Read More
What is a Certified B Corporation? By
what is a certified b corporation
B Lab is a non-profit corporation that certifies B Corporations—it offers a variety of support, varying from access to the Certified B Corp logo to introducing new Certified B companies to a large, lively community of other Certified B Corporations... Read More
Top 5 Self-Service Features on MyControlDesk By
Harvard’s customer portal, MyControlDesk (MCD) is helping over 40,000 active clients manage their businesses in new ways. When you become a Harvard client, you can immediately register for access to MCD and reap the benefits! In this article, the Top 5 self-service features on MyControlDesk are described in detail... Read More
Mission Statement vs Benefit Statement By
mission statement vs benefit statement
Both Public Benefit Corporations and Non-Profit Corporations require additional language on the Certificate of Incorporation, in the form of a Benefit Statement (for a Benefit Corporation) or a Mission Statement (for a Non-Profit Corporation). There are typically differences in the language in these two statements... Read More
How to Sign-Up for a MyControlDesk Account By You asked. We listened. Request access to your free client account in Harvard's newest account management portal MyControlDesk (MCD). Manage all aspects of your companies, form a new company, and pay your annual fees all in one place... Read More
March 1: Important Deadline for Delaware Corporations By If you have a corporation – not a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or Limited Partnership (LP) – incorporated in the state of Delaware, then March 1 is the deadline for filing and paying the annual Franchise Tax... Read More
Using the Delaware Franchise Tax Calculator By We've developed a Delaware Franchise Tax Calculator to help you understand and plan for how much you'll likely need to pay in taxes for your Delaware business. Delaware's taxation structure has different tiers for LLCs, non-profit corporations and for-profit corporations... Read More
Why Zero Par Value Stock Affects Franchise Tax By
Why Zero Par Value Stock Affects Franchise Tax
When you form a corporation, the number of authorized shares and the par value will play a role in what your company will pay for the annual Delaware Franchise Tax. Most start-up companies are typically formed with a small number of authorized shares and a low (or zero) par value... Read More