Your Story: Clean Cut Interlocking Pavers, LLC

By Carleigh Lowe Monday, July 6, 2009

Your name: Richard H Bell III
Name of your business: Clean Cut Interlocking Pavers, LLC
Your background: A young entrepreneur who started my first business at the age of 13
Your chief characteristic: Determined, artistic and hard working
Your regular reads: Cape Gazette, Construction Journal, EP Henry Magazine and the BJ’s Coupon Book
Clients, customers, and constituents: Homeowners who want to enhance the look of their home with quality eco-friendly hardscaping. We also do commercial and municipal jobs such as the sidewalks and crosswalks on Second Street in Lewes, Delaware (30,000 sq ft)
How long have you been in business? 12 Years
Where do you do business? Delaware
Your concrete inspiration: Since the young age of 4 years old I have always enjoyed working outside and using heavy equipment
Your big dreams: To help people create the vision they have for their home and yard by working with them to design and build their outdoor living space using pavers and walls
Your first success: At the age of 13 I bought a truck, a bobcat and a trailer. The only problem was that I did not have a driver’s license to get to my jobs, so I had to start hiring my older sister’s boyfriends.
The status of your business: 15 employees
The future of your business: Continue doing quality work for a good price
Your greatest challenge in business: As the business grows I have had to learn how to delegate
Business pet peeve: Keeping the trucks clean and making sure the pavers are cut straight
Your favorite entrepreneurs, pioneers, mavericks, artists, and heros from real life and history: Joe Montana and my dad
The greatest rewards of your entrepreneurship: Providing a good life for my family and feeling a sense of accomplishment when the job is done.
Your idea of happiness in business: Happy customers
Your present state of mind: Staying focused on the positives while facing challenges
Your business advise: Have a vision, work hard and do the job right the first time
Your favorite motto: No Excuses
Your one sentence business story: At the young age of 13 I knew that I wanted to use heavy equipment and work outside so I followed my dream and created a business; through the years I doubled my business every year and have grown to be a full service design/build landscaping and hardscaping company.

Clean Cut Interlocking Pavers, LLC.

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