Registered Agent Renewal Bill Got You Down?


As a filing specialist here at Harvard Business Services, Inc., I talk with people every day who have multiple companies incorporated in the state of Delaware, or even multiple Registered Agents and are looking for a more cost effective service. To be more specific, recently I spoke with a gentleman who was inquiring about Harvard Business Services, Inc. and what we have to offer. Over the past few weeks, he had received Registered Agent renewal bills for his Delaware entities from other agents. Reluctant to pay them, because they were so outrageously high, he found our website.

He agreed that our website was more than helpful but wanted to speak with a representative to get a feel of what and who we are as a company. More or less, he wanted to feel confident that our service matched or exceeded that of his current agent being that our annual fee was a fraction of what he had been paying.   As we continued our conversation, he expressed concern about the hefty fees and due dates on the renewal bills he had received from other agents and asked if there was enough time to make the switch to Harvard without liability for paying the other agents. We made the switch easy for him.

In what was less than a five minute phone call, I was able to guide our new client through the process of submitting the requests to switch agents to Harvard for his multiple entities as he effortlessly navigated our website. Before I thanked him for his business, I was able to confirm receipt of his orders and advise him that the amendment filings would be submitted to the state of Delaware before our office closed that day. I could sense the appreciation in his tone as I further explained that he could toss those bills in the trash and be assured that the state of Delaware will officially notify his previous agent of the change before the due date of his invoices.

Do you have a similar situation and are looking to avoid that large annual fee for Delaware registered agent service? We offer a simple solution even if your due date for renewal  is right around the corner with your current agent. You will be surprised at how easy and fast it is to make the switch using our hassle-free service.

At Harvard we work diligently and process all requests within 24 hours. This means your filing order will be submitted to the state of Delaware via our on-line connection without delay.

Gaining the trust and confidence of our clients is how we conduct business each and every day at Harvard Business Services. To change your Delaware agent to Harvard Business Services, Inc. simply follow this link:

Change Registered Agent

Or go to our home page at  and click on Change Registered Agent in the left sidebar or feel free to give us a call, 800-345-2677.

Watch this video for more information on changing your agent.

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