Ready, Set, Start Your Business Graduates

By Michael Bell Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Congratulations to all the graduates of 2010! So, now you’re looking for a job in your field of study or trying to decide what you want to do in life, right? Have you ever thought about starting your own company and being your own boss? It could be your fastest route to success. If this idea sounds interesting but you are not sure how to get started or what type of company you need, keep reading. The process does not have to be complicated or cumbersome.

Three words: Harvard Business Services, Inc.

For almost 30 years, Harvard Business Services, Inc. has been forming and filing companies for entrepreneurs like you all over the world. We will make the incorporating process so easy and painless that in less than ten minutes you will officially own your own company. There are several reasons to incorporate specificially in Delaware. Below are a few answers to some frequently asked questions. 

How easy it is form a company in Delaware?

The hardest question we’re going to ask you is what you want to call the company. After that, we will explain your options so you can decide between an LLC and an Incorporation. All we need is your contact information and payment. No signatures and no passports are required.

Do I need a physical address in Delaware or a Delaware bank account? 

All you need is a Delaware Registered Agent like Harvard Business Services, Inc. No physical address is required in Delaware, as HBS will be your Registered Agent to receive and forward service of process and other government documents, such as Franchise Tax reports and notices. It is a legal requirement to have a Delaware Registered Agent.

Your company’s bank account can be based anywhere in the world; a Delaware bank account is not required.

Are there any taxes or annual fees in Delaware?

There is no sales tax in Delaware, there is no state income tax for corporations that operate outside of the state of Delaware and there is no inheritance tax. To maintain your company in Delaware there are two annual fees. The annual Franchise Tax is simply what you pay the state of Delaware for the right and privilege of owning a Delaware company. Our annual Registered Agent fee the lowest in the industry,is only $50 per year.

Does Delaware need to know the nature of business or where I am conducting business?

Delaware doesn’t need to know the nature of business or where you are conducting business. With a Delaware company, you can operate business lawfully all over the world.


This year's graduates will not find a friendly market for jobs, yet opportunities abound. Many successful entrepreneurs became mega-rich because they improved an industry they knew well. They followed their instincts. They invented new or better products. Perhaps you should consider forming your own company instead of looking for a job.

You could have the next million dollar idea, just like the original whiz kids Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Put your own spin on success and maybe you will make a lot of money along the way. It really is possible to form your Delaware company in a matter of minutes!

If you'd prefer to speak with one of our helpful representatives, call 1-800-345-CORP (2677).

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