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delaware digital documentsThe state of Delaware is considered the number one state in which to incorporate a new business, due to the benefits it offers.

One of the many benefits for Delaware incorporated companies is the fact that all documents in Delaware are filed digitally.

Thus, Delaware is now considered a fully digital state. What does this mean for your company? We work directly with the state through an imaging system that allows us expedited access to your documents.

Therefore, your state-approved documents will be emailed to you and you can print them out and use them right away. They are official documents that bear Delaware's digital state stamp.

Unlike most other states, the state of Delaware no longer uses original documents (hard copies) or raised state seals; everything is done electronically. This allows for faster and more efficient approval and delivery of incorporation documents.

There are many benefits to Delaware being a fully digital state. For example, oftentimes obtaining a document from various states may be a lengthy process. The state may require you to file a request by mail in order to make any changes or obtain information.

Delaware has eliminated this time-consuming process. For example, perhaps you are at the bank and you need a Certificate of Good Standing. If your Registered Agent is Harvard Business Services, Inc., we can simply email you the document.

This is a convenient option in many ways but it often raises the question, “Are these documents valid?” We have, at times, encountered this issue when clients open bank accounts.

The Certificate of Formation/Incorporation that is filed with the state of Delaware is a black and white, digital document. Some banks have questioned the authenticity of the document. Typically, clients then contact us looking for an original or a document possessing a raised state seal.

Don't worry--the digital document from Delaware is valid, legal and all you need. And, for many of our international clients, we are able to offer digital documents with notarization and apostille in order to legalize their documents in other countries.

For clients forming new companies, the process is so quick and easy, they tend to ask, “Is that it?” The approved formation documents for their new companies can often be emailed to them within 24-48 hours. Delaware has streamlined and quickened the filing process by becoming a fully digital state. 

Please contact us at 1-800-345-2677 for more information, if you have any questions or to speak with one of our experienced representatives. You can also call to obtain any digital documents you may need. 

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