Delaware Companies for International Business Owners

international business owner incorporate in delawareSince the state of Delaware is recognized worldwide as the gold standard for incorporating companies, we have many international clients who come to us and want to form Delaware corporations and LLCs.

As of today, approximately 17% of our business is from international clients, people with physical addresses outside the United States.

We currently offer three different formation packages to our international clients, ranging from the Green Package, which is our environmentally-friendly, paperless option, to the International Standard Package, which includes a deluxe LLC/corporate kit and a corporate seal.

All of our formation packages include the essentials: we check your company name for availability; we prepare and file the Certificate of Formation or Certificate of Incorporation for your new Delaware company; we pay all the Delaware filing fees; we act as your Delaware Registered Agent for one full year; we email you an electronic version of the approved documents (generally within two to three business days); and we provide your new company with a Digital Corporate Seal. 


The question is, which package is right for you? 


International Green Package vs International Basic Package:

Both the International Green Package and the International Basic Package include the formation aspects mentioned above; the International Basic Package, however, also includes a Certified Copy of the Certificate of Formation/Certificate of Incorporation with Apostille.

An Apostille is a method by which business documents are recognized internationally. The Apostille is often needed if a company plans to operate in, or do business with, companies in such countries as the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, India and South Korea. 

Check the Hague Convention for a full list of members.

delaware company for international business ownerThe International Basic Package also includes a Notarized Statement of Authorized Person (LLC) or Statement of Incorporator (Corporation). This is the instrument that is used to release the company to the initial member(s) or Director(s) once it is approved by the state of Delaware’s Division of Corporations.

The International Basic Package also contains several helpful extras, such as templates for LLC Operating Agreements; customizable corporate Bylaws; Corporate Resolutions; IRS forms; Banking Resolutions and more.

These useful templates are traditionally used for determining the ownership and management of LLCs and laying out the internal hierarchy for corporations.

The International Basic Package includes courier shipping to anywhere in the world. Once your new company is approved by the state of Delaware, the Apostilled Certificate of Formation/Certificate of Incorporation and the Notarized Statement of Authorized Person/Incorporator will be shipped out via FedEx, and will generally arrive within three to four business days.

We will then provide you with the FedEx tracking number so you’ll know exactly where your documents are while in transit.

If you need help deciding which package is right for you, or you have any other questions about forming your new Delaware corporation or LLC, please contact me today. I can be reached directly at 302-644-6265.

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Veronica Riley said: Thursday, December 14, 2017

I already have a Series LLC with your company. What needs to be done to register one of my cells to do business in Iraq and West Africa?

HBS Staff replied: Thursday, December 14, 2017

When looking to operate a business in countries outside the United States, owners often work with an attorney in order to be they are complying with each country's local rules and regulations.

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