Where Is My Business Located?

By HBS Tuesday, November 4, 2014

where is my business located?As a Delaware Registered Agent, our mailing address cannot be used as your company's physical address.

We can file your business entity with the state of Delaware; however, we need a mailing address on file so we will know where to send correspondence we may receive on behalf of your company from the Delaware Secretary of State.

We also need a physical address, if different than your mailing address, in case we receive service of process for your company.

Obtaining and having an address for your company’s contact person is mandated by Delaware law. Your information is not provided for public record.

When applying for an EIN, the IRS will ask for the physical location of the business. Again, do not use our address for this application. The IRS does not want third party addresses when asking for a company's physical location; it would like to know where the business is physically located.

This can be an address anywhere in the world. If the business is an internet business, the IRS still requires a physical location of your business. The IRS also gives an option of adding a separate mailing address, i.e., P.O. Box, if necessary.

For many start-ups, it is not uncommon for a physical business address to be a home address, whether temporarily or permanently. More often than not, leasing or purchasing office space is not in the budget, or even necessary, to begin.

Remember, the state and federal governements define a physical address as the address where a person or organization can be found.

Alhough we cannot provide a physical location for your company, we can provide a physical mailing address. Once you have set up your business entity, you have the option of signing up for our mail forwarding service.

This will not change the physical location of your business, but it does allow you to use your company name along with our mailing address in order for us to receive your mail (at our address) and resend it to the address of your choice.

We offer both domestic and international mail forwarding services as well as a virtual office service.

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