Should You File a New Company by Yourself? [Infographic]

It may appear to be less expensive to file your startup company directly with the state; however, by doing so, you could miss out on many benefits only available to you by filing your new company with a business formation service.

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file a company myself or use a formation service

Congratulations, you have finally decided to take hte important step of incorporating your business!

Now you need to decide whether to file the company by yourself or by using a professional document filing company such as Harvard Business Services, Inc.

What to consider when filing


  • With Harvard Business Services, formation package price includes one year of Registered Agent service, tthe state fee and additional benefits not included if you file directly with the state of Delaware.
  • Filing on your own will involve a lower upfront cost. The price paid to the state of Delaware includes formation/incorporation fee only. Registered Agent service must be obtained separately if you don't have a Delaware address.

Processing Time:

  • Formation orders we receieve are completed in 2-3 businses days. You also receive a digital copy of your documents, which further reduces processing and delivery times.
  • When you file on your own, the state's typical turnaround time is 2 weeks. Only hard copies of your formation documents are provided, and only by mail.


  • Harvard Business Services offers free lifetime customer service via Skype, live chat, text messaging, Facebook Messenger, email, fax, or telephone. There are no wait times via telephone and live chat.
  • The state of Delaware does offer email, telephone, and live chat support. However, wait times can be significant.


  • When we file a company on your behalf, our name will appeard on the public record as the incorporating party. Your name will not be associated with the company on any public record.
  • If you self-file with Delaware, you have to sign the Certificate of Formation/Incorporation; thus your name and signature become part of the public record and are associated with the company.

Additional Benefits:

  • When you use Harvard, you get the following extras for free:
    • Digital corporate seal
    • Digital copies of documents
    • Bylaws and Operating Agreement templates
  • If you file directly with Delaware, you only pay the formation fee and only receive formation documents. No extras of any kind are included.




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