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How Harvard is Prepared for the Unexpected
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How Harvard is Prepared for the Unexpected

By Brett Melson Friday, June 18, 2010

We've talked about ensuring your business is ready for an unforeseen event. Our business is also prepared for any disaster that could interrupt our service. 

Today, global commerce moves at the speed of information. Yet as powerful as the engine of information is, it remains vulnerable to disasters caused by either the forces of nature or those wrought by human hands. Even a simple power failure can cause disruption and data loss if your systems are not protected with redundant backup systems.

Harvard Business Services, Inc. maintains the records of tens of thousands of business clients from across the U.S. and around the world, which makes it a vital link in the global flow of information. Early on, HBS assessed the potential of disruption from natural or man-made disasters and got out in front of the issue. Our arrangement with Agility Recovery Solutions is a farsighted hedge against unforeseen disasters. Within 48 hours of a disaster, Agility Recovery Solutions delivers a comprehensive package of equipment to the site, or an alternate site we have selected, including a fully furnished mobile office, computer equipment, Internet access, telephone capability, power and much more.

Harvard Business Services, Inc. uses a “vault” to store back-up data off site. Daily, weekly and monthly backups are stored away from HBS’s Lewes, Delaware headquarters and secured in a private storage facility.

Even a short disruption in the power supply can be damaging, and because most of our business originates outside the state of Delaware, we need to be prepared. In the event of an electrical power outage, a generator automatically starts within ten seconds. (HBS’s UPS power back-up equipment keeps the information systems online during those 10 seconds.) The generator can keep our operations running for up to fourteen business days without electricity with 500 gallons of fuel onsite.

Viewed in the context of the other back-up plans and systems in place, HBS is well ahead of the curve in tackling the issue of preparedness, so you can rest assured that your company data is safe, secure and accessible at all times. Surveys of businesses and government statistics show that only a small minority of companies have contingency plan and back-up systems in place. Rather than risk losing it all, why not plan ahead?


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