Why Aren’t There Any Free Company Registration Services?

free company registrationStarting your business and forming a new Delaware company can be exciting and overwhelming. Many founders have a steep learning curve as they familiarize themselves with the process of forming a new company.

If you are wondering where and how to state, we can help. After deciding on a company name, it may sound easy to complete the formation process but sometimes, new business owners are simply not sure where to turn to next. They sometimes do their own research that often times can be stressful and overwhelming at the same time. 

At Harvard Business Services, Inc., we specialize in forming Delaware companies and can answer the questions you have. Clients form Delaware companies from around the world and some may never step foot inside of the United States or Delaware. You do not have to live in or operate physically in Delaware or the U.S. to form a Delaware entity. Delaware is known as the incorporation capital of the world, and HBS is known for making the formation process clear and easy for our clients.

Is It Possible to Form My Company for Free?

You are in good company if you are at the point where you are wondering how much incorporation services cost. It is a good exercise to ask yourself — Can I do this myself? Can I form my Delaware company for free?

Right up front, it is helpful to know that there are always state-imposed registration fees involved with the registration of any company in any state, so the process cannot be completed for free.

If you decide to form a new Delaware LLC or Corporation, the state charges a registration fee for each entity type. The state of Delaware requires that the Delaware entity have a Registered Agent based inside of Delaware to serve as the liaison between the company and Delaware Division of Corporations. Finally, a Certificate of Formation/Incorporation (depending on entity type) must be filed with the state for approval.

Other key questions include—are there additional fees? HBS as the incorporator/authorized person to sign the formation document filed with the state also has business costs. Our Filings Team prepares and files your formation certificate with the state for approval. We sign the document as the incorporator and agree to serve as your Delaware Registered Agent. We email you the document approved by the State within 3 business days typically (or the same day if expedite services are added).

What Is the Minimum Cost of Forming My Company?

HBS continues to offer the lowest Delaware formation prices in the industry and our annual Delaware Registered Agent fee is $50 per year per company guaranteed never to increase.  All of our Delaware formation packages at HBS include the Delaware registration fees, filing fees and the first year of Delaware Registered Agent services from HBS.  We can handle the entire Delaware formation process for you and you don’t have to stress about learning the ins and outs of a detailed process. Our “Green Package” price is currently $229 which includes all of the fees mentioned above. 

Below, we have listed questions clients ask daily regarding the Delaware formation process.

  • What should I include on my formation document?
  • I was told I need to list a Delaware Registered Agent.  What address and where should I enter this information on the document?
  • Should I list the names of the shareholders or members (depending on entity type)?  I don’t want any names or addresses to appear on the formation document. What needs to be included? What’s listed on public record?
  • Who should sign the formation document?

We can take care of the formation process and put your mind at ease while your start your next big step. While the formation/registration process is not free, our team of specialists help you to started smoothly and efficiently, so you can move on to have success with your Delaware company.

I will be happy to assist with any questions you have as I can be reached at 1-302-645-7400 ext. 6144 or via email at Justin@delawareinc.com.

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