Foreign Qualification in Washington State

By Devin Scott Monday, February 19, 2018

foreign qualifiy a delaware company in washington state

Whether or not you want to form a corporation or LLC, Delaware has been known for having the strongest corporate law structure in the country. It is possible to form a Delaware corporation or LLC and then operate that Delaware company in another state.

If you would like to operate in the state of Washington with a Delaware company, your business is domestic to Delaware and foreign to Washington. The way in which Washington gives you the authority to operate there using your Delaware company is called Foreign Qualification.

Each state’s Foreign Qualification process is a little different. Washington, like many other states, requires an application process and a state fee as well as a Delaware Certificate of Good Standing.

A Certificate of Good Standing is a document from the Secretary of State which shows proof that your business is in good standing as of a certain date. Keep in mind that Washington will require this document accompanies your Foreign Qualification application, even if your company is brand new.

Washington will also require a physical address for your Registered Agent in that state for the purpose of sending any service of process and compliance notices. The Registered Agent will forward the annual notices from Washington in order for your company to stay in compliance.

Please keep in mind that your company will be responsible for remaining in compliance with the state of Delaware as well. Your Delaware Registered Agent should be conscientious about keeping you informed as to when your company’s annual Delaware fees are due.

We can act as your company’s Registered Agent in Washington. We help business owners foreign qualify in every state, and we have a dedicated filing team that handles the documents. This service is available to any Delaware company, regardless of whether we are already the Delaware Registered Agent.

If you have more questions about operating a Delaware company in Washington or if you are ready to proceed with the Foreign Qualification process, please call or email us at 1-800-345-2677, Ext 6900 or email

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Alain Bwabrey said: Wednesday, February 21, 2018

I have a reverse situation I would like an answer about. I own a WA state LLC and would like to turn it in a DE state LP without loosing the seasoning of the company, can you help with that?

HBS Staff replied: Monday, February 26, 2018

We can help with the necessary filings with the Delaware Division of Corporations. Please call our team at 800 345 2677, Ext 6900 and a live person will answer right away.

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