Company Formation Documents, Defined


company formation documentsAs business formation experts for more than three decades, we are in a unique position to clearly define the various company formation documents you may receive upon forming  your new company.

When you file a General, Close, Benefit or Non-Profit Corporation, you receive a Certificate of Incorporation, which contains the Articles of IncorporationThe Certificate of Incorporation is evidence that a corporation has been filed with the state of Delaware. 

The Articles of Incorporation, which contain the company name, purpose, stock amounts and types, the address of the Registered Agent and the person incorporating the company, are defined as the basic charter of a corporation.

When you file an LLC (limited liability company), you receive a Certificate of Formation, which contains the Articles of Organization. The Certificate of Formation is evidence that an LLC has been filed with the state of Delaware. 

The Articles of Organization contain the name of the LLC and the address of its Registered Agent as well as any additional information the owners/members decide to include.

When you file an LP (limited partnership), you receive a Certificate of Limited Partnership, which contains the Articles of Limited PartnershipThe Certificate of Limited Partnership proves that an LP has been filed with the state of Delaware. 

The Articles of Limited Partnership contain the name of the LP, the address of its Registered Agent and the names and addresses of the general partners.

If you own a Delaware LLC, any type of Delaware corporation or a Delaware LP and you are asked to provide your Articles of Incorporation, they are located in your Certificate. 

There is a difference between a Certificate of Good Standing and a Certified Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation. The Certificate of Good Standing illustrates that your company is up-to-date on all its mandatory fees, such as your company's Franchise Tax and Registered Agent Fee, which means your company is considered to be in Good Standing with the state of Delaware.

A Certified Copy, however, states that a document was indeed filed and this document is a true and correct copy of the original, filed document.

If you have any questions regarding your company’s incorporation documents, please feel free to call our helpful and experienced business formation specialists at 800-345-2677. 

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