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Our 2021 "Thank You" to Our Clients By
Thank you
2021 has been a record-breaking year for Harvard Business Services, and we owe it all to our clients. Thank you from all of us at Harvard Business Services!.. Read More
What Is a DUNS Number Used For? By
You may be wondering what a DUNS number is used for. Here's a breakdown of what it is, plus why you may need one for your company... Read More
Things to Consider When Using a Symbol or Punctuation in a Legal Business Name By
Things to consider when naming your company
Because of system limitations, the IRS will not recognize some symbols and punctuation in your business entity name, including some that are allowed by the Delaware Division of Corporations. Find out which symbols and punctuation are permissible according to the IRS and the State of Delaware and understand your options when considering a company name that includes a special character, symbol or punctuation not recognized by the IRS... Read More
Delaware General Corporation Structure By
structure of a general coporation
The Delaware general corporation is the strongest company structure in the U.S. It offers a means to raise capital, has three tiers of power and follows bylaws. The bylaws of the company set forth the powers and the limits of power in each of the three tiers. Each group may have separate priorities, and they may clash occasionally... Read More
Forming a Delaware Company as a Non-Resident By
Forming a Delaware Company as a Non-Resident
You are not required to live in (or even visit) Delaware to form your company within the state. Delaware’s Corporate Law structure does not impose restrictions on ownership or management of a Delaware company by a non-resident of the United States... Read More
Your Effective Date Affects Your Franchise Tax By
The State of Delaware is now accepting future effective dates for Incorporating your business. Learn more on how you can request a future Effective date in 2022 to save on the annual Delaware Franchise Tax... Read More
2022 Student Entrepreneur Scholarship Application is Available Now By
Are you a business-minded student who has dreams of running your own business? Have you started your own business already and study entrepreneurship, business, or a like field at college or university? If so, apply now for one of two $1,000 scholarships offered by Harvard Business Services, Inc... Read More
Virginia Registration for a Delaware LLC By
Virginia LLC registration for a Delaware LLC
Each state has different requirements for Foreign Qualification. Virginia, like most states, has an application process and a state fee for Virginia registration for a Delaware LLC. The state of Virginia also requires additional documentation from your Delaware LLC... Read More
Is an LLC a corporation? What's the Difference? By
is an llc a corporation
Why is Google a corporation and YouTube an LLC? Both, of course, chose Delaware as their corporate home, even though they are headquartered elsewhere. So why did Google choose to form as a corporation and YouTube as an LLC?.. Read More
Business Terms for Delaware Companies By
Business Terms for Delaware Companies
If you own a Delaware company, there are several business terms you should be familiar with so you understand all your company’s important documents and dates... Read More