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Are You Operating Your Delaware LLC From Colorado? By
operating a delaware llc from colorado
When operating a Delaware LLC in another state, such as Colorado, clients should register their businesses as a foreign entity in that state. Each state has different requirements. Colorado, like most states, requires an application process and a state filing fee... Read More
Who Needs a Certificate of Good Standing? By
what is a delaware certificate of good standing
If you plan to file an Application for Authority to do business in another jurisdiction with a Delaware Company, other states routinely require that a Certificate of Good Standing from Delaware accompanies the registration... Read More
The Wild West: The Legal Marijuana Industry By
legal marijuana industry
The marijuana industry is thriving, and with it comes the opportunity for many people to prosper... Read More
Delaware's Digital Documents By
delaware digital documents
One of the many benefits for Delaware incorporated companies is the fact that all documents in Delaware are filed digitally... Read More
Incorporate in Delaware for Success By
why incorporate in delaware
Business startups need to be aware of ways to ensure their ventures are successful, and the type of entity you form definitely matters... Read More
Doing Business in Connecticut with a Delaware LLC By
doing business in connecticut with a delaware llc
When forming an LLC, Delaware is often the most popular choice. This is due to Delaware’s strong corporate law structure, which is considered by many to be #1. When forming a Delaware LLC, your business is domestic to Delaware and foreign to every other state. When operating a Delaware LLC in Connecticut, clients can register as a foreign entity in their home state of Connecticut... Read More
Do You Have a Digital Corporate Seal? By
digital corporate seal
We offer a free digital corporate seal to all of our clients. Do you have yours yet? | Harvard Business Services, Inc... Read More
A Good Deal for Self-Employed: Solo 401 (k) By
401k retirement tax break
If you are an independent contractor, consultant, freelancer, real estate agent, or other self-employed person, the government offers an annual $53,000 tax break that could help secure your retirement... Read More
Two Major Food Companies Sign Merger Agreement By
heinz and kraft merger
H.J. Heinz Company and Kraft Foods Group, Inc. signed a definitive merger agreement to create The Kraft Heinz Company... Read More
Doing Business in Alaska with a Delaware LLC By
doing business in alaska with a delaware llc
Alaska, like most states, has a state fee and an application process. Generally clients will work with their registered agent to file the documents necessary to get the approval from the Alaska Secretary of State’s office. Harvard Business Services can obtain the approval for an Alaska foreign qualification in about 2 business days... Read More