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EIN Confirmation Letter By
EIN Confirmation Letter
If we obtained the EIN number on behalf of your company, feel free to request that the 147C letter be faxed to us at (302) 645-1280. Once the fax has been received, we will email the letter to you as a courtesy... Read More
Finding a Name for Your Delaware Company By During the formation process, while deciding what company name is best for your brand, it’s important to note that the Delaware Secretary of State requires that the company name include a Corporate ending... Read More
Free Webinar on Forming Your Own Company By
On November 14th, 2018 at 3:00 PM EST, Harvard Business Services, Inc. presents a free live webinar to help prospective business owners understand their options for creating a company and why Delaware is the premier choice for new company formations... Read More
Operating in Kansas with a Delaware LLC or Corporation? By
The process in which one state gives you the authority to operate there even though you incorporated in another state is called Foreign Qualification. This post will address Delaware LLCs and Corporations that will operate in Kansas... Read More
What Is a Banking Resolution Document? By
what is a banking resolution document
At the first meeting of the members (for an LLC) or the Board of Directors (for a corporation) establishing a company, a corporate resolution about banking details is often included. Although a company may agree on several different types of resolutions during the meeting, the banking resolution is often the most commonly extracted resolution from the general minutes of the meeting... Read More
The New Divisive Merger Provisions under Delaware Law By
Under this provision, members of a limited liability company can develop a plan to divide a business and its assets and liabilities among two or more newly-created entities, with each business continuing independently... Read More
What Is The Role of a President of a Corporation? By
what does the president of a company do
The person who is President of a company is in the highest position within an organization and, in some cases, takes on the title of Chief Executive Officer as well... Read More
Do I Need an EIN Number? By
Most newly-formed companies will require an Employer Identification Number, but there are exceptions. In this post, we take a look at the criteria provided by the IRS to determine if an EIN is needed... Read More
Why Incorporate in Delaware? [INFOGRAPHIC] By
why incorporate in delaware
Minimal start-up costs, the most trusted corporate case law and the most flexible corporate laws in the country are just a few of the excellent reasons to incorporate in Delaware... Read More
Asset Protection for the Sharing Economy By
Shared economy
Transferring business assets to a company draws a distinction between yourself and your business. In the event you are sued, it will be much more difficult for a plaintiff to seek compensation from your personal assets... Read More