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Delaware Blank Check Preferred Stock By
delaware blank check preferred stock
Every Delaware General Corporation must have one class of common stock, but it can also have a second class of stock (or more) with customized terms for the different classes. The most popular second class of stock is called preferred stock because it can contain terms, negotiated between the Board of Directors and the recipient, that are preferred over the rights of common stockholders... Read More
How to Remove an Officer in a Delaware Corporation By
The steps to remove an officer are fairly straightforward. First, you want to review your Certificate of Incorporation and by-laws. Any process that addresses removing officers is likely included in the by-laws. Second, you will also need to review the officer’s employment agreement, the terms of any equity incentive grants (e.g., options, warrants, etc.), and any other agreements with or relating to the officer’s employment or duties to determine whether any notice, timing, cash-out, or acceleration provisions, among others, may affect the process... Read More
Free Webinar: How and Why to Start a Delaware Company By
Start with a BANG – by starting your own business! In this 60-minute interactive session, Harvard’s President, Michael Bell, will explain how to start a Delaware company and why Delaware is the popular choice for so many entrepreneurs... Read More
Introducing Jarrod Melson, Harvard’s New General Counsel By
It is a pleasure to introduce myself to our blog readers in this inaugural post. I am Harvard Business Services’ new General Counsel, and would like to introduce myself, discuss my background and to set out my hopes for my contributions to this blog... Read More
When to Use Independent Contractors By
Contract workers often provide cost savings and flexibility for your business, but employees come with their own advantages. Here are some factors to consider... Read More
Certificate of Incorporation: Delaware By
Certificiate of Incorporation Delaware
One of the many benefits of forming a Delaware corporation is that the Directors’ names are not required to be listed on the Certificate of Incorporation... Read More
Top 10 Corporation & LLC Franchise Tax Questions By
top 10 franchise tax questions
Here are answers to 10 common Delaware corporation & LLC Franchise Tax questions... Read More
Owning Stock and Being a Shareholder in a Corporation By
what does it mean to be a shareholder in a corporation
A shareholder is an individual or entity that holds shares representing an equity ownership interest in a corporation, often termed either common or preferred stock. A shareholder can also be referred to interchangeably as a stockholder... Read More
Using a Delaware Company for an Amazon Seller (FBA) Business By
Amazon sellers can use Delaware companies.
Beyond simply having the required information to sell through Amazon, sellers need to consider the business structure that best meets their needs... Read More
What Is a DUNS Number Used For? By
You may be wondering what a DUNS number is used for. Here's a breakdown of what it is, plus why you may need one for your company... Read More