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Free Webinar: Making Changes to Your Delaware Company By Over the course of this 60-minute webinar, Harvard Business Services' Brett Melson and Jarrod Melson will discuss the process for making a variety of changes to a Delaware LLC or corporation... Read More
Preparing Your Small Business for a Sale By
This discussion of selling your small business provides an overview of the steps a small business owner should take to best prepare and position the business for sale once he or she has determined to sell... Read More
EIN vs ITIN: What's the Difference and Who Needs Them? By
ein vs itin
There are many numbers that are used to identify ourselves and our corporations or LLCs, such as a Social Security number, driver's license number, passport number, DUNS number and EIN (Employer Identification Number). Many business owners and employees wonder about the differences between the Federal Employer Tax ID number (EIN) and the individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN)... Read More
Mistakes to Avoid When Adding a Registered Series By
Clients attempting to file on their own have been met with confusion and frustration as their filings are rejected. Here are two of the reasons why they’ve been having trouble... Read More
What is a Delaware LLC Certificate of Formation? By The Certificate of Formation is the document you receive from the state of Delaware once your LLC is filed and approved by the Delaware Secretary of State, Division of Corporations... Read More
What Is the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act? By
The FCPA makes it unlawful for certain U.S. persons, U.S. entities and foreign nationals in the U.S. to pay or give anything of value to a foreign government official in order to gain some benefit or otherwise induce the official to use his or her authority to benefit the person or entity... Read More
How a Family Business Can Set Up Its LLC Operating Agreement By
llc operating agreement for a family business
A Delaware LLC can be very flexible when it comes to preserving ownership in the family business you've worked so hard to create. In fact, an LLC has the potential to preserve ownership for future decades... Read More
Doing Business in Missouri with a Delaware Company By
Regardless of what your nature of business is in Missouri, Delaware is often the popular choice to incorporate the business. Qualifying your foreign entity is often a key part of staying in compliance with Missouri regulations... Read More
Delaware Blank Check Preferred Stock By
delaware blank check preferred stock
Every Delaware General Corporation must have one class of common stock, but it can also have a second class of stock (or more) with customized terms for the different classes. The most popular second class of stock is called preferred stock because it can contain terms, negotiated between the Board of Directors and the recipient, that are preferred over the rights of common stockholders... Read More
How to Remove an Officer in a Delaware Corporation By
The steps to remove an officer are fairly straightforward. First, you want to review your Certificate of Incorporation and by-laws. Any process that addresses removing officers is likely included in the by-laws. Second, you will also need to review the officer’s employment agreement, the terms of any equity incentive grants (e.g., options, warrants, etc.), and any other agreements with or relating to the officer’s employment or duties to determine whether any notice, timing, cash-out, or acceleration provisions, among others, may affect the process... Read More