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Change Your Company Name: Certificate of Amendment By
Change Your Company Name
Learn how to easily change a company’s name. We'll help you file a Certificate of Amendment, which alters your company name quickly and painlessly with the state... Read More
Creating an Operating Agreement for Your Band By
One of the most common and straightforward ways to define the structure is to form an LLC for the band. Forming the company means creating an LLC Operating Agreement, which allows the band to formalize roles and responsibilities of its members... Read More
Free Webinar: Franchise Tax for Delaware LLCs By We will be hosting a free webinar for last-minute questions on your LLC Franchise Tax. Join us May 29th at 2:00pm EDT to gain a full understanding of the tax before you send your payment... Read More
Delaware Certificate of Good Standing: FAQs By
Delaware Certificate of Good Standing
Banks, angel investors, VC investors and other reasons you may need a Certificate of Good Standing. This certified document, which is produced by the Delaware Secretary of State’s office, is required for real estate closings as well as accounting and legal matters... Read More
You Incorporated Your Startup Company. Now What? By
what to do after i form a company
Forming a business entity is just the beginning. There are many pivotal steps you’ll need to take before your new company can start doing business... Read More
Why Zero Par Value Stock Affects Franchise Tax By
Why Zero Par Value Stock Affects Franchise Tax
When you form a corporation, think about Franchise Tax when you’re deciding the number of authorized shares and the par value of the shares. Most start-up companies are typically formed with a small number of authorized shares and a low (or zero) par value... Read More
Understanding the Certificate of Incumbency By
what is a certificate of incumbency
The Certificate of Incumbency displays the names and positions of the corporation’s directors and officers. It also includes information related to whether they were appointed or elected, and the term of their office... Read More
LLC Change of Ownership Checklist By
Members of an LLC may change the LLC’s ownership and the terms governing its management and operation by amending its operating agreement. Here are five parties you’ll want to inform when you do so to avoid putting your company at any undue risk... Read More
Mission Statement vs Benefit Statement By
mission statement vs benefit statement
Both Public Benefit Corporations and Non-Profit Corporations require additional language on the Certificate of Incorporation, in the form of a Benefit Statement (for a Benefit Corporation) or a Mission Statement (for a Non-Profit Corporation). There are typically differences in the language in these two statements... Read More
Free Webinar: How a Corporation Is Structured By
Many people are aware that an “Inc.” at the end of a company name indicates that it’s a corporation, but there is often confusion about what being a corporation actually means. What are the basic elements of a corporation? How does ownership work? There are many questions you may never have even thought to ask... Read More