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Should You Reserve a Company Name in Delaware? By
should I reserve a company name
In most cases, a name reservation is not necessary and can actually delay the process and incur additional expenses. However, there are some scenarios where a name reservation would make sense... Read More
The Marijuana Industry Continues to Grow By
Marijuana industry continues to grow
The marijuana market is among the fastest growing industries in the US. Medical marijuana is booming and recreational legalization isn’t far behind, with several states already ahead of the game. As a result, more and more clients are forming Delaware companies to take advantage of this expanding industry... Read More
Facebook is a Delaware Corporation By
Facebook is a Delaware company
Learn about Facebook's historical value, their 2012 IPO, and how being a Delaware company enabled Mark Zuckerberg to retain his control of the company while issuing shares to the public... Read More
Delaware 2019 Swimming with the Sharks Pitch Competition By
Taking place on November 1, 2019, the event gives three entrepreneurs the opportunity, Shark Tank-style, to impress a panel of judges with their startup concept. The winner will receive a prize package headlined by a $10,000 check. However, there are a few steps to take before the prize is within reach... Read More
Delaware Companies for International Business Owners By
international business owner incorporate in delaware
Here’s how international business owners who live anywhere in the world can easily form a Delaware company... Read More
Delaware SOS Will Now Charge $50 for Amended Annual Reports By
In the past, the state has allowed amended Annual Reports to be filed at no additional charge. However, starting September 1, 2019, the Delaware Secretary of State will impose a $50 fee for every amended Annual Report that is filed ($25 for an exempt company)... Read More
Delaware Guidelines Regarding Entity Names Continue to Evolve By When naming your new company, you create the foundation of your brand identity. The company name will also need to meet the standards of Delaware Law during the approval process and not mislead the public in regards to the nature of business of the entity... Read More
Digital Business Documents from Delaware By
delaware digital documents
One of the many benefits for Delaware incorporated companies is the fact that all documents in Delaware are filed digitally... Read More
The New Divisive Merger Provisions under Delaware Law By
Under new provisions, limited liability companies and limited partnerships can develop a plan to divide the business and its assets and liabilities among two or more newly-created entities, with each business continuing independently... Read More
Requirements for a Company Seal (also known as Corporate Seal) By
Company Seal Requirements
Many companies use a company seal (also referred to as a corporate seal), although it is not required by law. A company seal contains the company’s name, the year of incorporation and the state in which the company was filed. Think of the company seal as the official signature of your company... Read More