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Delaware Secretary of State 2022 Annual Report By
Delaware continues to prove itself as a dominant force of business formations. Read our summary of the 2022 Delaware Secretary of State Annual Report... Read More
How to Change Your Business Name with the IRS By
How to Change Your Business Name with the IRS
Under most circumstances, changing your business name will not require a new EIN, but you will typically have to notify the IRS. There are two main ways to so.. Read More
Entrepreneurship as a Career Path By
Entrepreneurship As a career
In today's rapidly changing world, entrepreneurship has emerged as an enticing career path for people of all walks of life seeking to write their own success stories. It’s definitely an enticing proposition. Read on as we attempt to provide some things to consider if you’re attracted to entrepreneurship as a career path... Read More
Honest Services Fraud – Violating a Duty through Bribes or Kickbacks By
Honest services fraud is a powerful tool in prosecutors’ hands. It is not always intuitive, and the elements of the crime are sufficiently malleable to fit a broad swath of situations involving bribery or kickbacks... Read More
Entrepreneurship as a Catalyst for Advancement By
Learn about some of the ways that a minority-owned business can benefit its community through economic support, cultural diversity, and networking... Read More
6 Benefits of Registering Your Trademark By
should I register my trademark
A trademark is typically the business name or company logo; it is important to have a unique, memorable name or emblem so your customers can easily identify your business amongst your competitors... Read More
Calling and Holding a Board Meeting, Part 2 By
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A Delaware Corporation's bylaws are crucial for outlining the operational framework and governance mechanics of a corporation, including the composition and procedures and rules regarding board directors and meetings. This is part two of our discussion on how board meetings are called and held in this two part blog series... Read More
What is a Micro Business? By
Similar to a small business, a micro business is a perfect option for a solopreneur who is a freelancer or independent contractor... Read More
Calling and Holding a Board Meeting in a Delaware Corporation By
Learn about the rulings surrounding corporate board meetings and their relationship with the corporation’s bylaws. Read part 1 of our 2-part blog series today... Read More
Divisive Merger Provisions under Delaware Law By
Under new provisions, limited liability companies and limited partnerships can develop a plan to divide the business and its assets and liabilities among two or more newly-created entities, with each business continuing independently... Read More