W9 Form: When and Why to Use It


We are asked many questions about W-9s by business owners and entrepreneurs, so we thought a brief blog on the topic might be helpful. However, as is the case for all other tax-related issues, questions, or concerns it’s always best to reach out to a tax professional for any in-depth discussions regarding the W9.

what is a w-9

What is a W9?

The W-9 is typically used to request tax information from freelancers, independent contractors and other self-employed people.

Who needs a W9? 

Anyone who does work for a company but is not a full-time employee of the company should fill out the W-9 federal income tax form. Freelancers and independent contractors may have to fill out many W-9 forms, depending on how many companies they work for over the course of a year.

Consultants are also required to fill out a W-9 for each company they consulted with throughout the year.

How do I get a W9?

The W9 form can be downloaded from the IRS website.  

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