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contact details for a delaware companyThere are very few requirements to maintain a company’s good standing with the state of Delaware.

In addition to paying the annual $50 Delaware Registered Agent Fee and paying the annual Delaware Franchise Tax to the Delaware Division of Corporations, clients need to ensure that we have accurate contact information for their company.

A Registered Agent is the liaison between your company and the state in which it is incorporated. In Delaware, your Registered Agent is your intermediary with the state of Delaware's Division of Corporations.

Delaware Registered Agents are responsible for receiving and forwarding legal documents and correspondence from the Delaware Division of Corporations to clients in a timely fashion. This sometimes calls for swift communication, which is why your Registered Agent will need updated business contact information at all times. Some examples of documents received and forwarded are Franchise Tax reports, late notices, void notices from the Secretary of State and service of process for legal actions against your company.

Communications Contact Requirement

The state of Delaware requires that the Registered Agent keeps a Communications Contact on record within its files so that it can receive and forward any legal documentation, government notices or any correspondence from the Delaware Division of Corporations to the company in a timely manner. The communications contact address can generally be from anywhere in the world. As your Registered Agent, this contact information for the business is simply for our records and not part of the public record.

Similar to the individual elected as a business's Responsible Party, the State of Delaware mandates the communications contact be a living person who is a manager, officer, director, shareholder, member, employee or designated agent who is authorized to receive notices from the company’s Delaware Registered Agent. 

The communications contact must provide valid contact information with a street address; however, for annual billing purposes, Harvard Business Services, Inc. can utilize a P.O. Box. The communications contact does not need to be a United States resident nor have an address in the United States.

Failure to keep your contact info up-to-date and valid can force the Registered Agent to take drastic action, such as resigning as the company’s Registered Agent in Delaware. This will leave the company without a Registered Agent, which places the company in a forfeited (i.e., inactive) status.

It’s easy to keep your company’s contact details current with Harvard Business Services, Inc. We offer several ways for you to update the communications contact information:

By keeping your communications contact information up-to-date with your Registered Agent, your company will stay aware of any impending fees due or requirements needed to maintain your Delaware entity in good standing.

If you'd like to learn more about being in good standing, be sure to check out our blog about the Benefits of Keeping Your Delaware Company Current and Complaint.

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Dragan Ciric said: Wednesday, February 3, 2021

I am interested to register some kind of company in Delaware like nonresidential. What is proper time to make-up appointment by pgonor Skype? I have so many questions about tax and etc... LLC or entrepreneur or company which will be best for me, because I want to sales products on Amazon.

HBS Staff replied: Wednesday, February 3, 2021


We are happy to assist with any and all questions you have about forming a company here in Delaware. We are not Accountants so we cannot provide tax advice. We don't require a phone call appointment, we have dedicated specialists ready to assist between 9 & 5 PM EDT (Monday to Friday). Please call +1302-645-7400 or you may email us

Roberto Munoz said: Wednesday, July 15, 2020

I have established a revocable living will. The LLC has three managing members one of which is my 13 year old daughter. How do I title the LLC so that the living beneficiaries have access to the LLC or does this LLC remain alive outside of the Living Will with my spouse and daughter as managing members should I die?

HBS Staff replied: Thursday, July 16, 2020

Roberto, take a look at this blog post for some insight: Unfortunately, we can't advise you on specific terms for your will and LLC. We recommend you consult an attorney if you need assistance with this.

Roberto Munoz said: Wednesday, July 15, 2020

I'm opening an account for my LLC for the first time at the bank. While I have a Delaware registered company, I live in Florida. What are the minimum documents needed to open a business account and obtain a credit card.?

HBS Staff replied: Thursday, July 16, 2020

Each bank will have its own set of requirements for opening an account. For the most accurate information, we recommend contacting your bank to ask what documents are needed. We would be happy to assist you in obtaining any documents you need from the state of Delaware.

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