Forming a Delaware Company as a Non-Resident

Forming a Delaware Company as a Non-ResidentIncorporating a Delaware company for non-residents may seem intimidating, but Harvard Business Services has made it easy for you to start your next business venture as a Delaware LLC or Corporation.

First, the non-resident is not required to live in (or even visit) Delaware to form a company. Delaware’s Corporate Law structure does not impose restrictions on ownership or management of a Delaware company by a non-resident of the United States. This includes foreigners serving as officers or directors of a Delaware corporation. As your Delaware Registered Agent, Harvard Business Services acts as a liaison between you and the Delaware Secretary of State, and we will process any legal notices including service of process and Franchise Tax notices.

As a non-United States resident – in fact ALL Delaware companies -- are required to maintain a Delaware Registered Agent to remain in good standing within the state. Harvard offers mail forwarding and virtual office services that will allow you to use Harvard’s address for mailings; however, you will not be able to claim Harvard’s address as a “place of business.”

After forming a Delaware LLC as a non-United States resident there are several things to consider before you start conducting business. You should consider obtaining an Employer Identification Number (EIN). It is mandatory for any company conducting lawful business activities, including hiring employees or opening a business bank account, to obtain an EIN. The fee associated with an EIN for a non-resident who does not have a U.S. address or valid Social Security Number/ITIN is $95. Harvard’s filing team is happy to assist clients in obtaining their EIN. To further inquire, email:

Are you ready to start a Delaware LLC as a non-U.S. resident? Form online or give our expert sales specialist a call today: 1-800-345-2677. We also offer an Entrepreneurship Guide for Immigrants and Refugees that offers resources and insights on how to begin your next business venture.

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Zhenkun Chen said: Friday, February 24, 2023

Sounds great! Let's start to discuss how you can help me to register a LLC.

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Thank you for your inquiry we will be in contact with you today to help assist you.

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