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Good StandingAre you closing on a property that is held as an asset under your Delaware LLC or Corporation? Filing with another state for a Certificate of Authority to conduct business? Opening a new business bank account for your Delaware Company? When completing these transactions, many times clients are asked for several different company documents, one being the Certificate of Good Standing (also known as a Certificate of Existence) from the State of Delaware. The Certificate of Good Standing declares that a company is in good standing with the state and that the annual tax requirements are current. It is often required to be dated within 30-60 business days by authorities. Unlike some other states, Delaware does not show the status of an entity on public records. Therefore, Delaware business owners are required to order a Certificate of Good Standing to show the company’s good standing status.

The Delaware Certificate of Good Standing is obtained directly from the State of Delaware. However, for clients ordering the document with the state, it could take weeks or months to obtain, as Delaware will only send the documents by mail. Here at Harvard Business Services, Inc., we are happy to assist you in obtaining the document in a quick and simple manner. Unlike the State of Delaware, we offer the ability to email the Certificate of Good Standing rather than mail it and when clients order through our website, they can have the document in a matter of minutes. Our tech team worked diligently with the State of Delaware to develop a way to obtain the Certificate of Good Standing almost instantly, so we can provide the fastest service for our clients. We work with the State of Delaware using a unique imaging system that allows us to obtain this document digitally faster than the average service.

Many attorneys and clients that have utilized this service have been grateful for the quick turnaround time as, oftentimes, there are deadlines that need to be met and waiting weeks for a Certificate of Good Standing can cause significant problems. However, it is important to note that, while it is rare, there can be times that the Certificate cannot be retrieved as quickly as others. For example, if the connection between Delaware and our server is interrupted or if the company is not currently in good standing. The company would no longer be considered in good standing if there are any past due Franchise Taxes. If you receive notice that we cannot proceed, you can make any past-due payments by clicking here. Once the Franchise Tax fees have been paid, contact our Filings Team at 800-345-2677 ext. 6910 so that we can proceed with obtaining the Delaware Certificate of Good Standing.


To obtain your Delaware Certificate of Good Standing now click here.


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