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Questions About The Delaware State File Number
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Questions About The Delaware State File Number

By Michael Bell Tuesday, June 13, 2017

questions about the delaware state file number

What is the Delaware state file number?


The Delaware state file number is the number that the state of Delaware issues to each new company at the time of formation. It is formatted with seven numbers; for example, 1234567.


Each new Delaware company will be one digit higher than the company before it. It is the number that you can use to identify your company when dealing with the Delaware Secretary of State.


What is my Delaware state file number used for?


Your Delaware state file number is used to identify your company in the Delaware Division of Corporations' database.


Delaware companies can change their names, they can change their Directors, they can change the number of shares and par value issued, they can change their Registered Agent and address, but they cannot change their Delaware state file number.


Is the Delaware state file number the same as my Tax ID number?


No, the Delaware state file number is not your Federal Tax ID number, often called an EIN. The Federal Tax ID number is the federal government's—not a state government's—identifying number.


The EIN is a nine-digit number formatted with a dash after the first two numbers. These first two numbers indicate the location where the company will do business and pay their federal tax.


Think of the federal tax ID number as the social security number (SSN) for the business. It is used to open U.S. bank accounts, hire U.S. employees and operate lawful business activities in the U.S.


How do I locate my Delaware file number?


The Delaware file number can be located in several different places. You can find it on the cover letter we send with your approved company documents and on your receipt. The state will stamp it in the margin of your filed Certificate of Formation or Certificate of Incorporation.


(See an example of a Certificate of Formation below):

Certificate of Formation

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There is 1 comment left for Questions About The Delaware State File Number

Mark S. Staniscia says: Tuesday, February 7, 2017

How can I find out who the secretary and president of a corporation formed in Delaware in 1970 was any info. appreciated Thanks Mark

HBS Staff replied: Tuesday, February 7, 2017

You can try to obtain a copy of the Annual Report from the Delaware Secretary of State.

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