Asset Protection for Non-Resident Aliens

Protect Your Assets. Form an LLC Now! Protect Your Assets. Form a Corproation Now!

What do the best-informed international business owners know? Delaware is better than off-shore!

Non-Resident LLC with Harvard Business Services, Inc.

For several years, foreign fiduciaries and attorneys have turned to Harvard Business Services, Inc. to form Delaware business entities. And they've done so for sound business and strategic reasons.

  • Single-member Delaware LLCs are "disregarded entities" according to IRS regulations, which means they have no U.S. income tax and no reporting due. (In some cases, it is advisable to use the combination of a Delaware LLC and another entity, such as a Delaware corporation, or a UK Limited Company to gain specific tax advantages. Check with your attorney or financial advisor.)
  • By choosing Harvard Business Services Inc., people forming these business entities receive fast, flawless service at the industry's lowest rates.

Why Incorporate in Delaware?


To our many international customers, confidentiality is important. Many of our customers select single-member Delaware LLCs as one component of their asset protection strategy. Even when a non-resident forms a Delaware LLC, it will provide a level of confidentiality that most international jurisdictions do not offer. As a Delaware registered agent, Harvard Business Services, Inc. is not required to keep any information on the beneficial owner, and the state of Delaware does not require that the beneficial owner's identity be disclosed.

Benefits of Incorporating in Delaware

  • Limits personal liability to the amount you have invested
  • Asset protection: Properly structured entities repel judgment creditors!
  • Offsets inadequate insurance, defense against lawsuits
  • No U.S. IRS Tax! No filing for single-member LLCs.
  • Business deductions for losses and expenses, including medical
  • Enhanced credibility with existing and potential customers
  • Can sell stock to investors to raise capital

Real Estate Ownership

Owners of real estate in international locations have a range of options to shelter their ownership including holding the title/deed in the name of a Delaware LLC. The structure has the flexibility to account for estate planning issues as well as asset protection. By protecting your real estate assets with an LLC or corporation, you also won't be personally liable for accidents or injuries on your properties.

Strategies for Specific Purposes

Some of our international customers have used single-member Delaware LLCs to maintain confidentiality in a way that's entirely acceptable and legal. If a customer owns a corporation in their own country,  a non-resident can form a Delaware LLC as the operating company of this foreign corporation by transferring all its shares into that Delaware LLC. The Delaware LLC provides confidentiality because by Delaware state law, the identities of members or managers are not made public. All the details and arrangements of the LLC are handled by a private operating agreement that affords the owners tremendous contractual flexibility.

As a part of Harvard Business Services, Inc.'s international package, we will prepare and file your Delaware LLC Certificate of Formation and ship your certified copy of the Certificate of Formation with the Apostille de la Hague via DHL or Federal Express to you on the next business day following the filing by the state of Delaware.

Protect Your Assets. Form a Company!

Since 1981, Harvard Business Services, Inc. has helped form 402,767 Delaware corporations and LLCs for people all over the world.

Registered Agent Service

Harvard Business Services, Inc. guarantees your annual Delaware Registered Agent Fee will remain fixed at $50 per company, per year, for the life of your company.