Decisions to Make Before You Incorporate

By Andrew Millman Tuesday, July 21, 2015

decisions to make before you incorporateThere are many things to be considered when forming a new Delaware corporation or LLC. You have some major decisions to make before you incorporate, so a little planning can go a long way.  The first few things you must decide on, in no specific order, are: 

Company Type: Which business entity do you want to form? If you want a corporation, would you like to form a general corporation, an S-corporation, a close corporation, a non-profit corporation or a public benefit corporation? Perhaps the flexible, easy-to-maintain LLC is the best fit for your new business. You’ll have to figure out which business entity you prefer before you file your new company.

Company Name: Whether your company will provide a service, introduce a cell phone app, import/export raw materials, produce and sell goods, hold assets or protect Intellectual Property, your company name can be instrumental in either the complete success or crushing failure of the new business. The name of your business will be tied to the branding and marketing of your company, so think wisely about your company name.

State of Incorporation: You can incorporate in any state; however, Delaware continues to be the most corporate-friendly state in America. Harvard Business Services, Inc. assists clients from all over the world with forming Delaware corporations and Delaware LLCs.

Date of Incorporation: At Harvard Business Services, Inc., we generally file all companies on a same-day basis. For many people, the date of incorporation is of little importance, so the birthday of a company is just the day you place your order; however, other people may want a specific date of incorporation. Sometimes people want a certain date of incorporation, based on the fiscal year, for tax purposes (January 1 and December 31 are very common).

Personal anniversaries and birthdays are also very popular determining factors for a company’s date of incorporation. For many of our international clients, both lucky and unlucky numbers often play a role in deciding on the birthday of a company. Whatever date you choose, and whatever your reason may be for choosing a date of incorporation for your new Delaware corporation or Delaware LLC, Harvard Business Services, Inc. can make it happen for you.


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