What Is A Certified Copy for a Delaware Company?


Certified Copy

What Is a Certified Copy for a Delaware Company?

A Certified Copy is a cover page issued by the state of Delaware’s Division of Corporations that is attached to any state-filed corporate documents; it acknowledges that the attached certificate is a true and correct copy of a legal corporate document.

A Certified Copy can be used as evidence to show that a particular filing was filed legally with the state of Delaware’s Division of Corporations on a specific date; it also proves whether it has been filed at all.

Here are just a few examples of certified copies that are available from the state of Delaware:

  • Certificate of Formation – for Delaware LLCs
  • Certificate of Incorporation – for Delaware corporations
  • Certificate of Limited Partnership – for Delaware Limited Partnerships
  • Certificate of Amendment – to change a company name, adjust stock amounts and alter voting rights
  • Certificate of Conversion – to convert a Delaware LLC to a Delaware Corporation, a Delaware Corporation to a Delaware Benefit Company or a Non-Delaware company to a Delaware company
  • Restated Certificate - Restates a company’s articles in their entirety
  • Certificate of Correction - Retroactively corrects any incorrect information on a filing
  • Certificate of Merger – the merging of two Delaware companies
  • Certificate of Revival – Reviving/Renewing a Delaware company
  • Certificate of Cancellation – for Delaware LLCs and Delaware LPs
  • Certificate of Dissolution – for Delaware corporations, including Benefit Corporations and Tax-Exempt Corporations
  • Certificate of Authority – for Foreign Entities
  • Change of Registered Agent/Registered Office – for changing your Delaware Registered Agent
  • Registered Agent Resignation – for the Resignation of a Delaware Registered Agent
  • Annual Reports – for Annual Report Filings of Delaware corporations


This is only a partial list of the many types of certified copies your company may need. Certified copies are frequently requested in the business world by a number of parties and for a variety of reasons.

In many cases, banks, lenders and merchant account providers may require that you provide a certified copy and/or a Certificate of Good Standing when applying for a business bank account, merchant account, business loans or a line of business credit.

Another instance when certified copies are typically needed is when a business owners need to register their company in order for it to do business in another state as a foreign entity. For example, the Commonwealth of Virginia requires certified copies when company owners apply to do business as foreign corporations or LLCs. Other states, such as Alabama, Arizona, Illinois, and Nevada also routinely require certified copies in regard to Foreign Qualification.

We can obtain and deliver certified copies from the Delaware Division of Corporations within two hours or less via email.  If you need to obtain certified copies of your company’s documents, give us a call today at 800-345-2677.

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